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[Download 100%] – ‘I came to Eningu alone with flowers..’ Veda’s musical journey of 66 years

Composer Veda (SS Vedachalam) made his debut in Tamil during the Kolochian era of two great musical geniuses like KV Mahadevan and MS Viswanathan and carved a niche in the world of music with his unique songs.
It is said that no other trees and plants grow under the banyan. It is difficult for anyone else to take root and spread and attract the attention of others under the two huge banyan trees of KV Mahadevan, the king of Melisai.

Veda partially achieved that. In the early fifties, Ved worked with various musicians. In 1952 he composed music for Sinhalese director Jaymane’s film. He then composed music for Jaymane’s films in 1953 and 1954. TG Lingappa, CN Pandurangan and Veda composed the music for the 1955 film Maneka. After that, in 1956 Ved composed the music for Marma Veeran directed by the legendary director DR Raghunath. This is the first Tamil film where he has composed music alone.

In Marma Veeran, Sriram played the lead role and Vyjayanthimala played the female lead. Sivaji Ganesan, Gemini Ganesan, NT Rama Rao, S.V.Ranga Rao, Nageshwar Rao played honorary roles in Marma Veeran for Sriram. Veda was the first film to feature five superstars.
The song Thudikum Valipme… written by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram in Marma Veeran became a huge hit. This song was sung by Balasaraswati Devi. Maruthakashi and Thanjai N. The songs written by Ramaiah Das also received a good response and gave a unique identity to Veda.

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The films Anbu Enge and Mamlai were released in 1958 in Veda Sangeet. In the film Anbu Enge, written by Sitaraman and sung by DM Soundararajan, the song Dingiri Dingle Meenakshi Dinggiri Dingle Ulagama Pora Bhokai Paru Dingiri Dingle… The song received an overwhelming response. The main reason for the success of the film was Veda’s music and lyrics. Gemini and Savitri sang in the movie Mammalai, “Thakduhu Jambam Palakadu Maini Totwe Ummale Maimna”… the song became another hit. It was the most played song on Ceylon radio that day.

Veda composed music for the films Minnal Veeran in 1959 and Parthiban Kanavam in 1960. Veda’s music contributed to the success of these films. The song featured in it, Uday Nilve Uday Nilve Uday Pokairai.. Oriya Van Ka, became the hit song of the day. In 1963 he composed music for the films Konchum Kumari and Ben Manam and in 1964 for the films Basamum Nesham, Chitranki, Veeranganai and Amma Engage. The Vedas gave Yesudas the opportunity to sing three songs in Veeranganai. The songs sung with Sushila, Aasi vanda pinne nade nade panne and philosophical song, Idi Idikudu Katadikudu.. were loved by the fans.

'I came to Eningu alone with flowers..' Veda's musical journey of 66 years

Veda continued to act in films produced by Modern Theatres. Even though she has given many hit songs, what fans will remember as Veda is the film Vallavanku Vallavan (1965) starring Gemini Ganesan and Ashokan. All the songs composed by Ved were hits. Ved had used the lyrics of the songs featured in it, Manam Mede Mele…, Orayaram Parli… from the Hindi film. However, other songs featured in it such as Pardi Kanne Pon Mukam…, Achhamenge Naamenge Aniranda Penkelenge…, Kandalum Kanden Un Pol… were composed and composed by Veda himself. He was also well received.

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In 1966 Iru Vallav, Vallav Oruvan and Yaar Ni Vedha were released in music and became hits. The song Naan Malarodu Alone… in this pairing is still the favorite song of the fans. In 1967, Ved composed music for the films Nesho Jakartha, Sem Akshina, Seshodal Pathma. In 1969, TM Sundararajan sang for Nagesh in the film Manasakshi, a comedy song Love Pannunga Sir Naan Venangalai Athu Life Probolu Sir Sargamana… was an entirely different kind of song.

'I came to Eningu alone with flowers..' Veda's musical journey of 66 years

Nagesh played the lead role in the film Ulga Tanthana and music by Vedaan. In this, DM Sundararajan sang for Chow, Udhik Gidhanandi ek daur hai, this world is doing many rounds… The song is another philosophical song of its kind. Ved composed music for CIT Shankar in 1970 and Justice Viswanathan in 1971. It is unfortunate that there was not a range of themes in the Veda giving lyrics in various musical forms such as melodious, Hindustani, Carnatic music and Baila style songs.

Some timeless songs composed by Ved…
A mansion made of marble… (powerful)
In a thousand eyes… (the mighty to the mighty)
One in Heaven… (Four Ghiladi)
I am alone with the flower… (two mighty men)
If you’re still watching… (Powerful)
Taking flowers to Vrindavan… (Cid Shankar)
above the state of mind… (the mighty is the mighty)
A stream goes with water… (Justice Vishwanath)

Marma Veeran, the first musical composition in Veda Tamil, was released on this day 66 years ago on 3 August 1956. Today it is 66 years since Veda made her debut as a musician in Tamil.

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