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[Download 100%] – If Ponni Ka Selvan 2 Part is like this, then the result

Director V. Gautaman warns that real history has been distorted in Ponni’s Selvan, and if the truth in the second part is not true, director V. Gautaman warns.

Tamil Empire Party director and president V. Gowtman, who met with the press after meeting Chief Secretary Thoyanpu at the Chief Secretariat in Chennai, said that the right place for vegetable vendors in Kayampedu market had not been agreed upon, and the Madras High Court took no action. Haven’t.

Commenting on Ponni’s Selvan film, he said that only the Chola Empire had a history of ruling Tamil land for 350 years. Although I did not tell this film as a Tamilian, but I should have told history.

Questioning what kind of historical research is being done if the tiger flag symbolizing the Cholas is not displayed even at one place, he says that Jayamohan Chola is Telugu, the creators should speak the truth and work with personality. needed.

He warned that if such acts of changing history are included in the second part, then we will have to face dire consequences and we will organize a massive protest by gathering Tamils.

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Gautam continued to speak and was killed by the Aditha Karikalan Brahmins. But there are depictions of Ponni blaming the pundits in Selvan. He condemned the move, calling it a cause of trouble between North Tamil Nadu and South Tamil Nadu.

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Shaivism Vaishnavism is the only Tamil religion, Hinduism did not exist before the arrival of the Whites. Did he hide it so that the central government would stop him from putting up the tiger flag? He also said that those who changed history in Ponni’s Selvan film should have told facts beyond myths.

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