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[Download 100%] – Independent music junkies…started your own YouTube channel

Actor Dhruv Vikram has expressed his passion for independent music by starting his new YouTube channel.

Actor Dhruv Vikram finally bagged the lead role in director Karthik Suburaj’s ‘Mahaan’. Meanwhile, he started his own YouTube channel yesterday and says he is interested in independent music. He also mentioned his passion for music.

In a video titled Dreams, Dhruv Vikram talks about the impact of music on his life since childhood. Taking his first steps in independent music, Dhruv Vikram said, “I have always had a lot of dreams. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an actor. I wanted to become an actor, a musician, a film director, a rock star. I had a lot of dreams. These dreams are very important to me. It gave me happiness because I was too afraid to act on my ideas and I thought my dreams were enough.

I was not much interested in sports during school days. If yes, am I a class topper? If so, no chance. To make me interested in everything, my mother used to enroll me in all the classes. Swimming, football, basketball, badminton, shloka class, computer class whatever you can imagine I would be there.

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I often get lost in my thoughts. But went to class and didn’t take interest in anything. Instead I watch movies, take my camera and roam the streets. I play random tunes on the keyboard and sing my tunes in the shower. When I am alone, I create characters and scenes in my imagination.

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I want to tell the stories, songs that my heart wants to tell on my YouTube channel. My eyes, my heart and my soul, on your screen. I hope you understand my point. We will meet soon,” he said.

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