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[Download 100%] – India’s 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies

India’s 75th Independence Day will be celebrated tomorrow. On this occasion, in this post, you can see a collection of Tamil movies that talk about patriotism.


Directed by Shankar, Kamal starred in 2 roles with music by AR Raghuman. In this, Kamal will play two roles as Senapati, a freedom fighter and an RTO officer. The film is made to inspire patriotism and emphasize the need to end corruption and bribery. Some movies are never boring even after watching many times. There is definitely a place for Indian in that category. Now the second part of this film is being made.

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Kamal – Mohanlal is a movie starring 2 great actors. Kamal has acted in an unacceptable character in the past as well. Chennai Police Commissioner to Mohanlal At 5 places in Chennai, a mysterious person called and asked for RTX. He says that he has a bomb. He demands that the 4 terrorists be released at a designated place otherwise the bomb will explode. The film, which runs for just 106 minutes without any songs, has been made from a general perspective with swagger and patriotic dialogues.

India's 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies


Directed by Mani Ratnam, the film starred Arvind Sami, Madhubala, Nasir and others. AR Raghuman composed the music for it. Arvindasamy, the protagonist, is kidnapped by terrorists as a couple while they are on their way to Kashmir for their honeymoon. Madhubala, his wife, seeks the help of the central government to free them and fight to save them. Aravindasamy will be released after a long struggle.

India's 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies


Director Mani Ratnam has created the riots in Mumbai from 1992 to 1993 by mixing reality and fiction. Arvind Sami and Manisha Koirala played the lead roles in this film. The music was composed by AR Raghuman and the film was made to emphasize on patriotism and religious unity. The film won 2 National Awards.

India's 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies


Kamal Haasan produced, directed, acted, story, scripted and produced the film. Hindi actor Shahrukh Khan will play the lead role. Hiram covers events shortly before India’s independence and up to the time of Gandhi’s assassination. The film was also made with the spirit of patriotism and emphasis on unity.

India's 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies


The pillars of India’s security are soldiers. The scenes in the movie Gun are arranged in such a way that they should be proud and inspire patriotism. In the character of Jagdish, Vijay would have been in the form of a soldier. In the credit card of the film, the film crew has said that they are dedicating this film to the soldiers. It can be included in Vijay’s top 5 films.

India's 75th Independence Day Celebration Tamil Patriotic Movies


A film that instilled a sense of patriotism in the films released in the recent past. The adventures of 2 heroes fighting for India’s independence are wonderfully set. The film would have neatly introduced to the audience how the British used Indians, their strengths and weaknesses, and the unity of India.

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