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[Download 100%] – Irmana Rojave Jiva Amma Irmana Rojave Part 2 : ‘Wet’

Fans were blown away after seeing the Instagram video of actress Meena Vemuri, who played the mother of Jeeva and Parthi in the serial Wet Roseway 2.

The actors and actresses of the serial appear on the screen just like the characters they play and attract us. The names of the roles he plays in the serials get stuck in the minds of the fans as they completely imbibe the role and give their life to it. Wherever they see them, they call and talk to them by that name. Small screen actress Meena Vemuri is playing the role of Parvati as the mother-in-law of 2 sons Priya and Kavya in Moshe Roseway.

Even after the end of Siddhi 2, there is no dearth of Venba Mausu on the small screen!

He has previously acted in several serials aired in Sun TV, Zee Tamil. Not only this, she also works as a supporting actress in films. He also acts in Telugu and Kannada languages. Especially Sivakarthikeyan will play an important role in starrer Rajini Murugan. Now she is showing her flair in the role of Parvati in the serial Roseway 2.

Though she plays a mature role in the serial, Meena is a very modern woman in real life. Semma would post various pictures on Instagram as a preschooler. He is also very active on Instagram. Meena has posted on insta reels dancing to the latest insta trending song “Ra Ra Rangamma”. This punching video of him is getting likes. Many people are sharing this. Is this wet rose Parvati Amma? Many people are watching that video with surprise.

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