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[Download 100%] – Is BTS’ Jin Making His Acting Debut? Here’s What We Know About K-pop Star’s Plans


Is BTS’ Jin making his acting debut? when K-pop band BTS announced going on a hiatus, every BTS member including, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook shared what they planned on doing in the future and if they had anything in mind for their solo projects. However, Jin said he’s not planning any solo releases at the moment. Instead, he wants to rest for a while and see what he wants from life. But, he did mention how he always wanted to be an actor. 

Jin has signed films?

Ever since BTS’ announced their break, speculations are rife that Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, will be making his acting debut soon. Things caught more attention when South Korean actor-producer-director Kim Nam Gil hinted at them working together. Apart from his, Jin’s appearance at the VIP premiere of Emergency Declaration gave more thrust to the rumours. 

But, Jin was quick to clarify it. Taking to Weverse, Jin wrote in Korean, “I had fun watching the movie! I didn’t star in the movie but thank you to all the ARMYs that came to support me. Thanks to you my nerves relaxed a little. ARMY allabyu (I love you)”

‘Actor Jin’ trends on social media

While ARMY got answers about the film premiere, they were still curious about Jin’s apparent collaboration with Kim Nam Gil and hence ‘actor Jin’ kept trending on social media. While Jin did not explicitly deny the rumours, he just asked his fans to be patent for a little longer giving them more hope. 

“I’m working hard preparing with my main job as well so everyone, please just wait a little bit,” Jin shared yet again on Weverse.

About BTS and K-pop band’s hiatus

For the unversed, in June, K-Pop sensations BTS broke down in tears as they revealed plans to pursue solo careers and “grow”, but pledged to return “someday”. Septet Jin, 29, Suga, 29, J-Hope, 28, RM, 27, V, 26, Jimin, 26, and Jungkook, 24, broke the news to their armies of fans during their annual FESTA dinner which celebrated the hugely popular band’s nine years together. 

Formed in 2010, South Korean boyband BTS — also known as the Bangtan Boys — also took a break in December 2021, when the group said they needed some down time to recharge. They also took a mini break in 2019.

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