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[Download 100%] – Jananathan’s E. Who exposed medical crimes, 16. was issued to

SB Jananathan was a red thinker. Radical Leftist. The films directed by him hold a lot of thought for the people. Mainly his second film E is based on the medical crimes prevalent in India.

SP Jananathan became director after crossing the age of 40. The first film was Shaam, a natural scene starring little Radhika. He took this love story from Russian literature. The nature of the sea and the life of the sailors enthralled the audience with a unique story. E was released with the same expectation.

The E stands for Easwaran, the protagonist of the film. He has only his grandmother. His residence is the city’s slums on the outskirts of the city. He thinks that money is God. He does not hesitate to do any harm for money.

He also befriends Jyoti, a bar dancer from the same area. Jyothi tries to heal Easwaran. Meanwhile, Nellai Mani tries to kill Dr. Ramakrishnan.

Easwaran saves Nelly by keeping Mani under his protection. He plans to get money from Ramakrishnan by handing over Nellie Bell. In such a situation, Easwaran’s mind changes due to a conversation with Nellai Mani. Ramakrishnan learns that the patients who come to him are being used as laboratory rats to test new drugs. Ishwar’s grandmother and Jyoti’s younger sister are also affected.

When Nellai Mani dies, Easwaran takes revenge on Ramakrishnan in the form of his invincible trap. This will be the first and only film to be released on the concept of illegally drug testing patients. When the film came out, this story was an advertisement for the film. Had this story been in the hands of someone like Shankar, he would have taken the scenes to another level by adding grandeur. SB Jananathan did what the story needed.

In this, his slip up made Ramakrishnan like a villain. India has been a testing ground for pharmaceutical companies for decades. These experiments are being done in India with the consent of patients who have paid a hefty amount. Although it appears to be legal in name, all the internal matters involved are illegal.

These working doctors and pharmaceutical companies have social prestige and political power. They don’t exist as villains in the society like in e movies. It would have been even better if E had foreseen this fact.

It is still common in third world countries to exploit people’s poverty and use them as laboratory rats to test new drugs. So far 64 African children have died after drinking coffee syrup made in India.

The central government has not yet taken any action against the Indian pharmaceutical company. There was no major international condemnation or legal action.

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If E had reflected this practical reality as well, it would have been a timeless film. 2006 October 20, 2006: E completes 16 years since its release on the same day.

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