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[Download 100%] – Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review – sincere, but superficial

[Download 100%] – Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review – sincere, but superficial

Sincere, but superficial


U, 1h 46m


What is the movie about?
Shiva (Santosh Soban) and Shruti (Priya Bhavani Shankar) are a newlywed couple living in an apartment. Shruti is the earner of the two as Shiva is unemployed. Will this lead to problems between them? What happens when Shruti finds a job for her husband? The basic plot of the movie is how their story ends and what a young married couple needs to be happy.

Santosh Sobhan chooses a different role to suit his personality and strengths. He plays a youngster who is newly married and unemployed. It’s an instantly recognizable role for the youth, one that he flies through with ease. There are no heavy emotional blocks or long monologues here. The simple conversations and chemistry are key here where he is adequate.

Priya Bhanavi Shankar is also a good choice for the role. The modern yet homely atmosphere essential to the character works to her advantage. Again, it’s a simple part without too much dramatization or anything too high on the glamorous aspect. The simple day-to-day actions drive the story and she does what it takes.

Anil Kumar Aalla directs Kalyanam Kamaneeyam. It is an uncomplicated story about relationships between a young newlywed couple. The basic concept is nothing new, but a recognizable angle related to the track is added to spice things up.

Well, first of all there is a visible sincerity with how things are going. The team seems interested in what they do and believe in it. But is that necessary? That is the question one asks oneself when one watches the film in the cinema.

The film begins on a very routine note, usually seen in small films set in an urban setting. The introduction and wedding, and subsequent nods to love and affection are all nothing new. But kudos to the team for not going the exciting way. This adds to the sincerity mentioned earlier.

The real drama starts when the work problem comes up and Shruti tries to help her husband. Things have a non-cliched approach as no battle of egos is shown here. Instead, we get a drama due to misunderstandings.

While the approach is acceptable, it feels too simple at the same time. There is no meat to the events or drama or high stakes attached to the whole procedure. The characters have minor conflicts and issues, and things are not right, but on a lighter level.

Everything gives a short movie feel for the big screen, given what’s happening and the length. The feel-good factor is right, but also the lighter content should have a depth that is missing here. The main culprit here is the writing, more than anything else.

The second half offers a simple solution to the problem. The problem is easily solved as the reality of the people is revealed. Then there is a message at the end that gives context and theme to the proceedings. It all seems to move quickly in retrospect, but as the procedure takes shape, it drags on. The reason is the lack of depth and focus on superficial details.

All in all, Kalyanam Kamaneeyam is the kind of outing that comes across as something more than a short film, but lacks cinematic appeal at the same time. More depth would have given it a chance, but as it stands, it’s worth more of an OTT viewing than a theatrical visit.

Priya_BhavaniShankar_Kalyanam_Kamaneeyam_ReviewPerformances by other actors
Kalyanam Kamaneeyam has limited artist presence. We have the parents on the boys’ and girls’ sides, and then there are the friends and colleagues in the workplace. Among the few, Kedar Shankar and Devi Prasad each get a few moments and things go well. Satyam Rajesh, who plays a different character role, is acceptable. The rest of the cast is fine, including the hero’s friend.

Music_Director_Shravan_BharadwajMusic and other departments?
Sravan Bharadwaj’s music is soothing and feels nice in the film. But once we’re out, the songs fade from memory. They work while the movie is running, and that’s it. Karthik Gattamaneni’s cinematography is good. The images are of decent quality, despite being a low-budget affair. Coming to the editing, given the content, it feels like if Satya G were relentless, there wouldn’t be much of a movie left. The writing is passable, just in parts. Consistency and depth are lacking.

End dialogs

Wafer-thin story
No real drama

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Kalyana Kamaneyam Film review by Mirchi9

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Review

Final report:

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam is another example of a film made with a basic idea that feels relatable but lacks the depth to leave any impact. It will also be a struggle during the festival period with such sincere but underdeveloped content.

Report first half year:

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam has a very simple plot with a thin point of conflict so far. We’ll have to see how the second half plays out for the movie to be worthy of the big screen.

— The American premiere of Kalyanam Kamaneeyam has begun. A struggling son wants to get married without a job, reluctant father agrees.

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Starring: Santosh Sobhan, Priya Bhavani Shankar

Directed by: Anil Kumar Aalla

Produced by: UV Concepts

Musical Director: Sravan Bharadwaj
Co-director: Venu Palli
Co-producer: Ajay Kumar Raju P
Cinematography: Karthik Gattamneni
Editor: Satya G

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