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[Download 100%] – Kamal made you cry in a TV interview

Denali 2000 was released on 26 September, on the eve of Diwali. Three things are unavoidable when talking about this film. Except Kamal, all Tamil mass actors avoid genre films. This means that they do not make films in different genres like comedy, thriller and drama.

Our mass heroes act only in films which have a mix of love, emotion, action, songs and heroism. If you behave like this; Only six to sixty fans can be attracted. When you make films of different genre like comedy, thriller, romance, the fan base watching them gets reduced. Apart from Kamal, no other great actor takes that risk.

Though Denali has songs and expressions, it is a comedy film. The story is about a young man who comes to Tamil Nadu from Eelam and is afraid of everything. The film humorously deals with the incident where Masoom becomes a headache for a psychiatrist and an ax to break up his family.

In a scene in the film, Kamal starts a conversation with Joke during a TV interview and talks about the damage caused by the war in Eelam, causing a stir among the fans.
As we have said many times before that Kamal is the one who does many things in comedy. His comedy performance in one film is totally different from his comedy performance in another. Denali’s comedy performance was different from Kamal’s other comedy performances such as Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Satilavati and Pancha Tantram.

The third thing that cannot be avoided while talking about Denali is the songs from the movie Denali. In the early 2000s, when Vairamuthu gave important scripts in Rahman’s music, such as Alapayuthe, Ritham, Kandukondain Kandukondain, he criticized in the public forum that his lines were drowning in Rahman’s music.

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This comment turned sour and a rift broke out between Rahman and Vairamuthu. Apart from Vairamuthu, Rahman gave a chance to new poets in his compositions. At that time Alagam Perumal had launched Uday starring Vijay and Simran. There is no diamond in it. Indumathi, Palanibharti, Gangai Amaran, Ilya Kampan wrote songs in it. This was the first film in which Ilya Kamban Rahman composed music.

After that, even when he composed music for the film Denali, Rahman avoided Vairamuthu. Featured in it, Alankatti Marisi Thalata Vandcha … Kalaikkumar, Athini Siddini … Indumati, Incherungo … Tamarai, Denali Denali … Ilya Kampanam, Porkalam Enge … Piraisudanam, Swaswame … Pa. Vijay also wrote Kolukkombu Rahman got Vairamuth after Ilayaraja was neglected. Vairamuthu realized that if he lost her, he would be banished, and gave a heated interview that those who play with flowers are alienated by saying that they play with swords.

Denali is one of the few films born between the Rahman-Vairamuthu rift. Vairamuthu had many reasons to associate with Rahman. Rahman had only one reason to join Vairamuth. None of the lyricists used by him in response to Vairamuth satisfied Rahman. If people like Ilya Kampan had filled Vairamuthu’s space with their poetry, the story would have been different. But it didn’t happen.

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Denali hit the screens and recorded a run of 175 days. 22 years have passed since the film was released yesterday and the 23rd year is starting from today.

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