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[Download 100%] – Kannamma Serial Willy Venba Farina Azad Instagram Video Dance

Farina, who plays Willie in the serial Bharathi Kannamma, surprises the audience every day on Farina’s Instagram page.

Small screen actress Farina Vijay is playing the role of Willie in the TV serial Bharathi Kannamma. The one who started her journey as an anchor has now joined the list of popular actresses of the small screen. Actress Roshni Haribriya, who plays Kannamma in the serial, may have suddenly left the serial, but fans are watching this serial for Venba. The biggest reason for this is Farina’s performance. As much as actress Roshini attracted the fans, actress Farina Asad also scared the fans with her villain performance.

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She married her longtime boyfriend Rehman Ubaid in October 2017. Farina also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in November last year. He took 6 months rest during delivery and again entered the serial. Many fans congratulated him. Careful about her career, Farina balances everything with kids, family, husband, career.

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Fans have questioned him many times before about this. Farina attributed everything to the support of her husband. In such a situation, Farina has also reduced weight through regular exercise. In the serial, Semma looks slim like an old lady. Many fans on Instagram are asking about this secret.

In such a situation, Farina has given another surprise to the fans. Semma danced to River Rock and posted that reel video to Instagram. Fans are shocked to see this and positive reviews are being recorded saying, “How are you so active, baby doesn’t look like your mother, you are a big inspiration for women.” Women don’t take care of their health and beauty after giving birth but Farina balances everything beautifully and is currently mixing it up with her husband in a reality show.

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