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[Download 100%] – Kantara set to break KGF record! Rishabh Shetty Movie OTT Release Date Announced?

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Rishabh Shetty starrer and director Kannada film Kantara is the talk of the town. Aside from achieving the highest IMDb rating, the film is currently running successfully across the country in all languages. With its resounding success, Kantara has finally taken the 3rd place in the list of the most profitable Kannada cinema.

Every day success is adding feathers to the Kantara hat. According to recent updates, the worldwide box office collection of the film has surpassed the Rs 180 crore gross and will soon exceed the Rs 200 crore mark. After appearing as a blockbuster in the Kannada language, the film was dubbed and released in other languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film also wrote success in all other languages.

Lately, Kannada film industry has become one of the most successful filmmakers. First it was KGF Chapter 1, then KGF Chapter 2. The glorious success of Vikrant Rona and 777 Charlie also gave a boost to the regional film industry. Now the resounding success of Kantara has written a new victory story.

Now it is speculated that Kantara will soon surpass KGF’s previous records. KGF Chapter 1 had a whooping collection of Rs 240 crore (gross) in 2008. KGF Chapter 2 broke several records in Indian cinema and took the 2nd spot in the list of Indian cinema with the highest collection worldwide. Later Vikrant Rona and 777 Charlie also had fair play.

But the recent release of Sandalwood, Kantara, has successfully captured the attention of movie buffs around the world. Now the movie Vikrant has already left Rona and 777 Charlie far behind in terms of worldwide box office collection. If the film continues to run at such a pace, it will surely surpass the KGF Chapter 1 collections.

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Kantara was made with just a budget of Rs 15-20 crore. While the film is currently successfully running around the world, reports are circulating that the producers are in final negotiations to sell the film rights to Amazon Prime Video.

If negotiations work out and everything goes according to plan, Kantara will have an OTT release on Prime on November 4.

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