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[Download 100%] – katrukenna valley highlight episode

The team of the serial will surprise the fans of Kharunkanna Valley serial. The College Cultural episodes will be aired next week. Vanilla also participates in this.

There is a fierce competition between the serials on the small screen with at least 15 serials being aired on every channel. In such a situation, it is a big struggle for the serials to capture the hearts of the fans. Fans will start watching serials regularly due to many reasons like prime time, hero, heroine, serial ki kahani. In this sequence, the serial Karuna Veli aired on Vijay TV has been a very popular serial among the youth.

Ishwari is a counter swimmer who will say wow!

Some fans protested that the scenes at the beginning of the show of a student falling in love with a teacher were misogynistic. He also commented that this serial should not be a false example. But despite all the difficulties, the fans are now continuing to support the serial. As the core of the story revolves around Vanilla, the story progresses as the story progresses and the protagonist stands by her side.

Anchor protection will be seen.. Photos which are getting likes!

Surya Darshan played the lead role in the first serial of Kharunkanna Veli. Although there were reports that she would leave the serial as soon as she got a chance to work in films. After this Suriya dropped out of the serial and actor Swaminathan is playing the lead role in Kharunkanna Veli instead of Suriya. Now people have started celebrating Swaminathan. Suriya – Vanilla love scene is going viral on chemistry website.

Fans who like to watch this serial are waiting for another surprise. In the coming days, the college cultural episode that fans were eagerly waiting for will be aired in the serial. Vanilla also participates in this. These pictures have now surfaced on the internet. As usual in this contest too Abhi will try to hatch some conspiracy to win and Vanilla will win by breaking it. Fans are eagerly waiting to see this.

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