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[Download 100%] – Katrukenna Veli Surya stuns Vanilla Surya Prem: For the wind

In Karunkanna Veli serial, Vanilla runs away and hides without seeing Suriya. He gives a pleasant surprise to Surya, who searches throughout the college.

The Suriya-Vanilla love track from the youth favorite Karuna Veli is a fan favorite. Their on-screen chemistry was a huge hit on the internet. According to the story of the serial, both Vanilla and Suriya are in love with each other. Sharda also knows this. Meenakshi also knows this. It is at this time that Meenakshi accidentally tells Vanilla’s father about Surya – Vanilla. Because of this he tells her not to talk to Suriya from now on.

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Keeping in mind many such reasons, Vanilla avoids talking to Suriya. Surya does not know this. Suriya wanders around saying that he cannot see Vanilla in college. Seeing Suriya, Vanilla runs away and disappears. Meanwhile, the promo of tomorrow’s episode is out now.

As usual the Sun wanders in search of Vanilla. Surya has been selected for the award by the college. He thinks about sharing it with Vanilla. But Vanilla disappears without talking to her. Then Vanila’s friends tell Suriya why he is looking for her. Immediately, Vanilla goes in search of the sun at night and gives a pleasant surprise. Looks like these scenes will be aired in tomorrow’s episode.

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