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[Download 100%] – Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr prove you can be close to your man

These are both serious goals!

you would think Miranda Kerr will have nothing to do with Katy Perry Since she is now with her ex-husband Orlando BloomBut women really have become best friends! Hey!

On Thursday, an insider opened up about the blended family and celebs’ close bond. talking to us weeklyThe source insists that the singer and supermodel get along great, even without Orlando in the mix!

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Confidant reveals:

“Miranda and Katy have a very close relationship. They spend family vacations together, they exchange parenting tips and talk to each other girl.”

love it!!

Wonder what they gossip about during that girl conversation!? While they have a lot in common, it turns out that sometimes Australians use the discussions to offer advice to their friend. The source noted:

“Miranda gives great advice and tells Katy to take time for herself.”

sweet! If she feels comfortable telling Katy the way she lives her life then they should be really close!

This is probably one of the reasons why these women worked hard to be together. Flynn – Orlando and Miranda’s 11-year-old son. Having a good relationship makes co-parenting a lot easier!

In case you didn’t know, Orlando and Miranda were married between 2010 and 2013 teenage dream star got engaged Pirates of the Caribbean They began dating in 2016 (after Katy’s brief marriage to the alum in February 2019) Russell Brand) In 2020, they welcomed their first child together. Daisy2. Meanwhile, Miranda is happily married to the billionaire Evan Spiegel from 2015. they share sons Dear4, and miles, 3, So these blended family vacations should be a lot of fun with all the kiddos! Thankfully, it has been smooth sailing for the couples.

American Idol According to the insider, the judges “model” and “love the friendship they’ve built over the years”. Back in July, Miranda also expressed how “happy” she is for her ex-husband to find love with the pop star. while talking to Vogue Australiathe former Victoria’s Secret Angel opened up about what it’s like to co-parent with the couple, saying:

“From day one, when Orlando and I decided to separate, I said, ‘Listen, whatever we do, we have to put Flynn’s needs first, not ours.’ That’s how we take our decisions. Family is my number. First priority, then work, then my company.”

Just as it should be!

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Despite leading very busy lives, Katy and Orlando are putting their family first! But that doesn’t mean they’re running down the aisle anytime soon. another source told We earlier this week:

“Right now, Katy especially feels like she has her hands full. Wedding planning is not her focus right now. Has not happened. 1 on their list. ,

Both the singer and actor view their eventual marriage as a “ceremony” and “in no rush” because they “see themselves as already married.” cute! Then things will be going great! Becoming parents together have made them very close, as well, with the insider saying:

“There is a much deeper and more connected bond between them than before. They feel more like a team and they always want what is best for the child. They have different priorities than before.”

Glad to hear!

things with WSJ. magazine In July 2020, Miranda’s husband, CEO of SnapchatProved that he cares just as much about maintaining a balance between ex and step-parenting, sharing:

“What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from my experience. I can’t take the place of Flynn’s father in any way. I feel that way.” [I’m part of] Team Flynn. ,

Adorbz! Love how committed these couples are to their family – and it’s a bonus they get to be friends too! thought? Tell us (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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