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[Download 100%] – KGF Plan..Mass Opening..kantara film team to release in Tamil

Kannada hit film Gandhar is releasing in Tamil Nadu on 15th. So Dream Warriors have a good plan to make KGF-Style a success

Hombale Films, which produced films such as KGF, KGF 2 and Masterpiece, produced and released the film Gandhara.

Gandhar film directed by Rishabh Shetty was released on 30th. The film, which released in Kannada, got a good response among the fans. And beyond Karnataka, the film was widely discussed in places like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

At this stage, the film Gandhar is being dubbed and released in Tamil and Telugu languages. Since it is a film produced by the producer of KGF, SR Prabhu is releasing it on behalf of Dream Warriors in Tamil Nadu. They are planning to release the film in over 100 theaters here. Its Tamil trailer was released today.

Karnataka to humiliate Ponni’s Selvan and release Gandhar want The people of the film industry present there put pressure on the theater owners. This affected Ponni’s Selvan film a bit.

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In such a situation, Kannada film Gandhar is currently being translated and released in Tamil. While Ponni’s Selvan was screened in Tamil Nadu to a great response, it is now said that they have reserved a lot of theaters for the film Gandhara.

The film is written, directed and acted by Rishabh Shetty. He has said that he made this film about the contradictions between nature and man. Ethnography is still firmly rooted in Kandra. This is what gives seriousness to the film

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