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[Download 100%] – Kim Kardashian avoided a run-in with Kanye West while parting ways

whereas Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Amid the recent controversies that the rapper can no longer be in a position to speak, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to put his kids first and support them at the same event!

According to TMZThe former couple both joined their 8-year-old daughter North WestBasketball game on Friday – but they arrived differently. While a source previously claimed that North came with a teammate, another insider shared on Saturday that Kanye actually brought her to the game, while Kim took her three other kids: 6-year-old son. st4 year old daughter Chicagoand 3 year old Hymn,

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Sources said that the two also managed to avoid any awkward encounter at the event. TMZ that you left before it ended. You can view photos here.

It should come as no surprise that Kim and Kanye are keeping their conversations as limited as possible. As we mentioned earlier, they are no longer talking to each other after that Yeezy The fashion designer wore a “White Lives Matters” shirt Paris Fashion Weekdid a controversial interview with Tucker CarlsonAnd made several anti-Semitic posts. page six claimed the reality star was so dismayed by her recent behavior that she only speaks about her children’s schedule through her assistants:

“They’ve had zero communication over several weeks, and all communication about the kids’ schedule is now synced through assistants.”

During this, TMZ Sources claimed Kanye actually “attempted to reach out” SKIMS producer – but she refuses to answer because she is choosing to focus on her family and life rather than her current situation. We honestly can’t blame him for being fed up now! Reactions when viewed recently? let us know.

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Good Morning America/YouTube]

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