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[Download 100%] – Korean Thriller Film Memories of Murder Review and Real History

There are tales of psycho killers all over the world. The world has seen many true stories that go beyond movies. Movies have been made on many stories. As such, Memories of Murder is a film based on the series of rapes and murders that rocked South Korea.

true story..

In the 80s, the continuous rape and murder of women in South Korea in a strange way made a big headache for the country’s police. The killings continued even after the police searched for the psycho killer. Not a year or two. From 1986 to 1991, around 10 women were brutally raped and murdered.

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The case was shelved as the search for the killer was over. A similar murder happened again in 2004 and the police again dusted off the old case. Intensifying the investigation, the police again found the culprit in 2019. Thus a killer was found after 33 years of travel. The government of the country has changed the law to hear this matter. Director Bong Joon Ho has created many such shocking things.

What’s the Story?

Women continue to be raped and murdered in a village in South Korea. The killings are gruesome and uniform, with the rain, red dress, and panties of the murdered woman. Do two cops speeding up the investigation with different investigations and different suspicions find the killer? How did they reach? The film will be a classic thriller investigating what leads to the murderer’s trap.

killing memories

In the true story of this film, the criminal was caught after 33 years. That is, even when the film was released, the culprit was not caught. In such a situation, the climax shown in the film will feed the interest of the fans. Since this movie is not available on OTT platform, you have to search it on internet.

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