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[Download 100%] – Kuku With Komali 3 Title Winner Shruthika Arjun: Cook With

Cook With Komli Season 3 finale aired last week. Shrutika won the title by securing the first position. He is getting praise from various quarters. In such a situation, Shruthika has shared an important thing with her fans on her YouTube channel. In other words, Shruthika has introduced her fans to the coach who trained her hard and made her successful. As far as fans are concerned, Shruthika is the title winner, but she says that the real winner is her trainer Sirpika.

3 lakhs came to Bala’s mind.. Cook the last twist with Komli!

Cook with Komli show has been the favorite reality show of all ages on the small screen. The first 2 seasons were super duper hits. After that, Cook With Komli Season 3 which started this year with high expectations has ended with a huge response. Shrutika got first place, Darshan got second place and Ammu Abhirami got third place. In this show, Darshan impressed the judges from the very beginning with his superb cooking. The female contestants were scared of Darshan’s cooking. Darshan gave so hard.

But Shrutika’s cooking has improved tremendously in the last few weeks. He was also selected as the first finalist. Many people asked this secret from Shrutika. Now Shrutika is leaking this secret on her channel. In the Cook with Komli show, he initially asked relatives, friends and neighbors about the recipes and used them to cook in the contest.

Aamir – Pavani is not a character. Ms. Thamrai who wore it in front of everyone!

But when all the contestants start making different recipes like the hotel menu, Shruthika goes to train with Chef Sirupika. It is they who have honored Shrutika and brought out her cooking skills. He has also shown the dance performed by Shrutika in the video when she went to train with him. Shruthika proudly shares that Sirupika was the real reason for securing the title with Komali in Cook.

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