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[Download 100%] – Kuku With Komali Last Episode CWC 3 Finals Komali Bala:

Cook With Komli 3 Finals is over but still the talk about it on the internet is not over. Fans are celebrating by noting everything. In such a situation, the video of Bala’s Periya Mansuku Cook with Komli Finals is being shared a lot on the internet. Not only this, Bala is also being praised for this help and Shrutika is also being praised.

The ‘Cook With Komli’ show Pinni on Vijay TV DRP is seen as one such show which is crashing in the ratings. The third season was a huge hit with a total of 57 episodes aired. This season also stars Ammu Ameerami, Grace Karunas, Darshan, Bharathi Kannamma fame Roshini Hariparian, Santosh Pratap, Shrutika Arjun, Vidyutlekha Raman, Bala, Qureshi, Manimekalai, Shivangi, Mukutti Murugan, Sunita, Shattam Arun, Shakti Raj, Bharat K Rajesh . Jokers took part. A total of 6 people were selected for the final held after several stages.

Will Arjun- Roja join? Hoping fans!

Cook’s finale with Komli 3 ended 2 weeks back and was telecasted on TV last Sunday. The show, which aired continuously for 3 hours, made people laugh a lot, leaving no shortage in comedy. Shruthika burst into tears as soon as the winner was announced. Apart from this, another exciting incident happened.

The clown who cooked food with the winner was given Rs 1 lakh. Thus Shrutika’s Joker fame earned her one lakh. It is also necessary that Bala should be his joker in the first round. In this case he refused to buy the 1 lakh offered to him. Not only this, he gave that money for the education of poor children, who were sent to Bala to study. As a result, the field erupted with applause. Soon after, Bala, who was Shrutika’s clown in the first round, was also given a reward of 1 lakh.

In the end, Shrutika also made everyone happy by saying that she would give 1 lakh for the education of the children. It is a well known fact that Bala has been helping the children of a famous ashram in Chennai by raising the cost of their education.

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