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[Download 100%] – Lady Gaga’s dog was shot and sentenced to death, now 21

A big news has come out about Hollywood singer Lady Gaga. Last year, Lady Gaga’s dogs were attacked by some accused. Also one of Lady Gaga’s dogs was shot. Lady Gaga was very broken after this news.

Police have arrested the accused. The man who shot the dog has been sentenced to 21 years. The matter is of the year 2021. The accused has been sentenced and sent to jail. Along with this, other accused involved in the incident have also been sentenced.

The accused was James Howard Jackson
According to media reports, Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog was shot last year. this caused his death. The accused named James Howard Jackson opened fire. After this the police investigated the matter and arrested the accused.

Actually, in 2021, a man named Ryan Fisher was attacked on Hollywood Street. Ryan was walking Lady Gaga’s three dogs. During this, some of the accused attacked him. During this, 2 dogs were abducted and one dog was shot.

Lady Gaga agreed after the attack
Lady Gaga is a dog lover. The news of this incident shook Lady Gaga to her core. Not only this, Lady Gaga had also offered a reward of $500,000 to anyone who gave information about her dogs. After this the police investigated the whole matter.

Later the full story of the attack came out. The police have arrested some of the accused in this case. The person who shot the dog has also been taken into custody. The accused were produced in the court. Where the accused who shot the dog has been sentenced to 21 years imprisonment. Along with this, other accused have been punished.

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