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[Download 100%] – Love Is Blind’s SK Alagbada denies cheating on Raven Ross

love is blind Star SK Alagbada The effort to close those allegations of fraud continues!

On Wednesday, the 34-year-old reality star hit back at rumors that he was unfaithful to his ex-fiancée. raven ross with tic toc named user hannah beth, His excuse this time? They told lifestyle That they were never officially together:

He said, ‘All the allegations of cheating on me are false. We never considered each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. She’s not my ex… The situation between Hannah and I was never formal.

Hmm… wasn’t it “formal”? Like no contract was signed? What’s he saying, they were never a couple?! so he couldn’t cheat??

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The fraud allegations first started last month when a woman went through the handle @emmwho9 told how she went on a date with the guy she just met Hinge in April – only to see her later in the show! Not only that, she soon found out that her date was still in a relationship at that point! Because according to the show, SK and Raven were still together after appearing on the show. Netflix Chain. The woman indicated at the time, without using any names:

“If you went on a date with a guy from Hinge in April and then you see he’s actually on the show ‘Love Is Blind,’ and he met you after the show was done filming, but are still together, then put your finger down .” She is still the same girl.

She also showed proof of their text messages and dates in a follow-up video. Ouch!

A few days later, another woman who goes by the handle TikTok @hannahbethstyle claimed SK was her “ex”, adding that the pair dated in 2019 – and rekindled their relationship in 2021, when love is blind Filming Finished:

“When your ex takes you to Europe and talks about getting back together, but on the trip you find out he has a fiancée from a reality show he did on Netflix, but then he tells you that it’s all fake and for [money],

While two women claimed that SK cheated, he is insisting lifestyle He was “not dating” nor considering getting back together with Raven when this encounter occurred:

“A lot of people have misconceptions about the timeline of our relationship. When Raven and I left the altar, I moved on to my life as a single man and she to hers as a single woman. The road that Raven and I went down together was not a straight one. It took a while for Raven and I to even consider or attempt to start dating again. People don’t realize that.

oh no… he’s not saying… they were on break??

As viewers know, SK and Raven formed a connection when they met in the pods during season three. love is blind, They eventually got engaged but their relationship ended when the data engineer didn’t say “I do” at the altar. The pair later shared on the reunion special that they had rekindled their romance. But things ended between them two weeks later, when allegations of cheating started going viral on social media. As of this writing, Raven has not addressed SK’s latest statement on the situation. We would definitely like to know if their timeline of their relationship matches up with theirs…

What a dirty situation! Thoughts, Peregius readers? Sound off in the comments below!

[Image via Raven Ross/Instagram, Love Is Blind/Netflix]

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