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[Download 100%] – maun ragam 16th today full episode maun raga 2: climax

In today’s episode of Melana Ragam serial, Kartik Krishna comes to the police house and arrests Gadambari and his mother Rukmani.

Melana Raagam 2 serial is currently progressing in full swing without any promotions. Karthik Krishna, who went to help Shakti-Tarun’s life, is lying with a knife. This is because of Gadambari, Rukmani and Shruti. All three plan to kill Shakti. He paid for it and organized the raid. When the rioter goes to punch Shakti, Kartik Krishna sees him. The knife is going deep in his stomach. Rowdy has fled.

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But only Shakti sees the raider. In this position, Gadambari and Rukumani were brave, thinking that there was no chance of the raid conducted by them. But when Shakti finally comes to Chennai, she finds him a rioter. He also noted down his cab number. Simultaneously, they track down the police raider who knew Manohar. Shruti does not know this shocking thing.

In today’s episode, Rowdy tells the whole truth to the police. Varun could not bear his anger for telling everything that Rukumani paid him to kill Shakti, that Rukumani paid him to come to Chennai. He files a police complaint against Gadambari and Rukumani. After receiving this complaint, the police go to Gadambari’s house.

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By then, Soornam informs Palani and Mallika who are in town. They are also leaving for Chennai. Not only this, he also tears up telling Soornam, Varun and Manohar about the difficulties Shakti faced at a young age. The police going home tells all the facts to Kartik Krishna and shows the arrest warrant. The police have arrested Gadambari and his mother Rukmani. And with this today’s episode ends.

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