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[Download 100%] – Megan The Stallion Pulls Off Double Duty Hosting and Performing

Megan The Stallion Studio 8H Captured!

The 27-year-old rapper played a double role as both host and musical guest for this week’s episode saturday night live — and he actually delivered some hilarious moments throughout the night! As usual, the cast kicked off the show with a cold start, this time with a committee hearing on January 6. See Ch-ch-Sketch (below):

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Later, Megan took to the stage for the opening monologue and introduced the audience to her various nicknames and titles—including the one she recently received: college graduation. But he joked that after touring and making an album while completing his degree Texas Southern UniversityOf course, she’s actually going by the name of “Megan thee bitch who needs some sleep.” And, of course, Megan also had to “address a certain incident” that might be “on everyone’s mind” — and no, this isn’t news of her robbing her house in El Le when she was in New York City. , Instead, he said:

“No, I don’t know why Poppies took the tempting sauce off the menu. And hotties, if you want the sauce back, you’ve got to have it with Poppy’s Lady, not me! OK?”

Lolz! You can check-by-check the opening monologue below:

In her first sketch, Megan played a nurse with Ego And Panky Johnson, for the fake medical drama “Hot Girl Hospital”. The mockumentary series follows three nurses as they help patients in various emergencies – nothing health-related, though! Find out what really happens in the hospital (below):

Body The rapper later starred in a sketch called “Girl Talk”, which centers around a talk show host who brings in audience members who ask questions and offer some advice on various problems. However, they all communicated perfectly by saying the word “girl” with different inflections. Check it out (below):

moving on…

“Weekend Update” delivered some of its strongest and darkest jokes this week. Colin Josto And Michael Che Went on everyone involved with the January 6 hearing for the first time donald trump14 page letter to Nancy Pelosic Saying that she would happily go to jail for punching the former president. Later in the segment, Michael delivers a hilarious line about the Manhattan congressional candidate. mike itkisoWhich is running on a platform that includes sex positivity, releasing a sex tape:

“We share a lot of similar posts.”

Then, chloe fineman And Heidi Gardner teamed up to portray two Texas moms, Debbie Hole and Stacey Busey, to talk about the new film cheat 2 And the candy is “satanic”. Oh, and halfway across their territory there’s a completely random demon capture and exorcism. Ch-ch – See the entire “Weekend Update” (below):

super fun!!!

night off, SNL like riffed off movies dangerous minds And freedom Writers When arrogance comes in the form of a substitute teacher with outrageous assumptions about his students. You can ch-ch-check it (below):

While Megan drew her sketches, one of her biggest highlights was when she delivered a powerful and emotional performance of her song. anxiety, during which the artist clearly and audibly choked while rapping about his late mother. Check out the beauty pageant-themed number (below):

Later he. returned for another stellar performance of NDA And plan b (below):

Absolutely amazing work by Megan! What did you think of the episode, Perezius readers? Tell us in the comments. You can also see the rest of the diagram (below):

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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