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[Download 100%] – Mother gives birth in flight, baby is named after mid-air delivery

A young mother gave birth to her baby at an altitude of 36,000 feet in the air, and even named the baby after her amazing “sky” delivery.

Kendra Roden, 21, of Hartford, Connecticut, was cleared by her doctor to fly at 32 weeks, and her due date was set for October 23. KKTV,

So in September, she decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic with her family before welcoming their baby boy.

Hartford Woman Gives Birth to Baby 36,000 Feet in the Air, “Sky” Names Boy After Birth

A health care worker began experiencing cramping in her airplane seat as an American Airlines flight took off from New York City. Within 34 minutes into the flight, she went into full labor, prompting the cabin crew to assisted in giving birth.

“These went away and 34 minutes into the flight, my water broke,” Roden told Caters. “The cabin crew was such a big help.”

The extremely pregnant woman was sitting next to her 26-year-old sister, Kendali, who quickly realized her waters had broken mid-flight.


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“I was shocked,” Kendley told the outlet. “I kept asking if she was confident until she stood up, and the whole seat was wet!”

Kendley then told the rest of the family who were on the flight, and hit the panic button, prompting “the flight attendants[to]arrive at the scene.”

“We have a new passenger on board:” the crew members announced after assisting with the delivery.

Four members of the flight crew hastened to the woman’s aid, and after an “extremely tense 20 minutes” an announcement was made that “we will be getting a new passenger.”

“A beautiful baby named Skylane,” Kendall said of the newborn’s name.

Skylane Cavan-Air Francis. “I just remember everyone filming us when we got off the plane, and they were all congratulating me,” the new mother said.

The Skyline, named after his air arrival, was taken off the plane in the Dominican Republic as everyone applauded and welcomed the new passenger.

The newborn had to spend the first four days in the neonatal intensive care unit due to her premature arrival, while the family worked to determine Skylane’s nationality and bring her back to the state.

Issues arising out of expediting mid-air birth, nationality determination, emergency passport

The Roden family has visited the US embassy to confirm the child’s US nationality and expedite his emergency passport, which currently lists his birthplace as “up in the air”.


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Doctors instructed Kandria to stay on the Caribbean island for a few weeks, although the family has since returned home safely.

“I feel better now because I am at home and he is safe. He is where he needs to be now,” Kendra told KKTV. “So, I would say that I am happier than in the Dominican Republic. ,

“Not the Baby Being Airdropped” Millions Follow Skylane’s Incredible Birth as Commenters Joke

Now an aunt, Kendley has shared several clips of the miraculous story on TikTok last month, which went viral after being followed by millions.

Commentators joked about the wild nature of Skylane’s birth, with a saying that “the greatest flex is to be born in the air.”

“To be born in the air is the greatest flex,” wrote Jaxangi. “Now it gives a whole new meaning to Hawaii,” joked Russell Rush9881.

“The child is not being airdropped,” commented Christian Dior.

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