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[Download 100%] – Movie Review of Swathi Muthyam 2022

Comedy Works, Drama Suffers


2h 4m, ‘U/A’ certified.

What is the movie about?
Bala, also known as Balamurali Krishna (Bellamkonda Ganesh), is a typical shy middle-class man with a government job. His father wants to marry him as soon as possible, so he has many similarities for him. Bala falls in love with such a potential mate, Bhagyalakshmi (Varsha Bollamma).

However, a twist of fate separates Bala and Bhagyalakshmi from their marriage. The ‘twist in the tale’ and how the couple and their respective families overcome it is at the heart of the film.

Bellamkonda Sai Ganesh makes his debut with Swathimutyam. It’s a soft launch for the youngster where he plays at his age. There’s no high drama, and the story is filled with simple cute moments that work in its favor. The script helps him keep his head above water and register for his first outing.

Varsha Bollamma plays the female lead is good. She has done the same in the past, which gives her convenience. Varsha Bollamma also has different shades in her role, such as emotions, drama, romance and comedy, which she manages neatly. She is made to appear lovely on the screen, which helps her further.

Lakshman K Krishna writes and directs Swathimuthyam. His story is based on a thin line. The director relies heavily on entertainment to bring the story to a successful conclusion.

The opening block that establishes the hero’s world perfectly sets the tone for what to expect from Swathimuthyam. The father’s character, drafted by Rao Ramesh, and the writing, along with a quirky situation, immediately grab the attention. There is nothing new situation wise, but it works when it comes to ‘entertainment’.

The script follows the same entertainment formula for the rest of the story. The respective worlds of the leads and the whole setup feel captivating, despite nothing really happening in terms of story.

You feel a little restless when the drama starts between the main couple. After a point, the lack of story development in the first half shows despite the comedy. The heroine song contains the typical cliché of a girl trying to break. It weighs the procedures in between.

The real story starts around the interval when the twist in the story arrives. It’s what the trailer hints at, but doesn’t reveal. We’re not going to tell it either, but suffice it to say it’s good.

The twist reminds us a bit of a Bollywood movie, but it’s not an old one, but a recent one, Mimi. The way the whole thing is revealed is neatly done.

What works again is that there is never a drop in entertainment. Even when there’s drama, there’s a snappy comedy bit or block right away. Still, you can’t help but feel that the dramatic moments could be handled better.

The supporting cast is where Swathimuthyam shines. They all provide entertaining acts and heighten the routine. The writing gives them enough space to deliver the necessary many times over. The timing of the performers does the trick.

The ending is neatly wrapped, but again, it’s the comedy that holds things together more than the drama. The latter is weak wherever it goes.

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Overall, Swathimutyam has quite a bit of fun in the second half. The comedy from the supporting performers takes the routine to the next level and holds the attention with some hilarious bits. The drama doesn’t do much and doesn’t help matters. If you like a little laugh this weekend, give it a try.

Performances by other actors
The casting is the film’s greatest strength. The supporting performers deliver, and they’re the ones who make the proceedings engaging. Goparaju Ramana caused a furore in the second half with his job. Its gold chain track is beautifully done. Rao Ramesh follows him and delivers pleasure in his unique style. Then there are Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, Sivannarayana and Harsha Vardhan etc., who do the necessary.

Music and other departments?
Mahati Swara Sagar provides the music. It’s weak because the numbers are decent at best. The background score is also at the same level. There’s a captivating crochet piece or two, and they’re repeated throughout.

Surya’s cinematography is generally decent, but some parts just look for the big screen. Navin Nooli’s edit is slick and sharp and helps keep the procedure moving without much delay. Writing, as mentioned before, is the key to entertainment.


supporting roles

To write
Weak drama

thin story

Rushed into parts

Alternative Take
Swathimuthyam itself feels like an alternative take on the Hindi movie Mimi.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Swathi Muthyam 2022 Movie Review by Mirchi9


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