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In 1992, Karthik acted in the film Ittu Namma Bhoomi directed by P. Vasu. Khushboo Jodi, Radharavi is in the lead role. The songs were hit by Ilayaraja. However, the film did not get the success as expected. Similarly, there is no inexplicable failure.

In 2000, eight years after the release of Namma Bhoomi, Karthik starred again in Seenu, directed by P. Vasu. It was released on 26 October 2000 on the eve of Diwali along with Denali, Vanvil, Priyamanavale and Kannuku Kannaga.

The fans who watched the film on Diwali were stunned. No one is able to understand for whom and why B Vasu took this film. They will appreciate Carnatic songs in Tamil cinema only if they make a little effort to sing and read them. No, you have to shout that you are a kid who came looking for a water tank. Go to them Shastri Sangeet,

If the story is of a sattvik family that sings it, how will fans who come to watch the film with Diwali tolerate it? The film is a complete flop. There is another story behind the story of this Seenu movie. This is a success story.

In early 1991, Mohanlal decided to do a film under the direction of Sippy Malai and the screenplay was based on Lokitadas’s screenplay. Nedumudivenu, Urvasi and Geeta were also signed on as co-stars. Ravindran is a master of music.

A few days before the shooting, a film was released. Its story, in print, was originally a take on Siby Hill. The whole unit was stunned. Few more days are left for shooting. A story that has already been written cannot be filmed. Instead of shrugging their hands about what to do, everyone worked together to create a new story.

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Within days, the story composed by him was released under the direction of Sibby Hill under the name Bharatham. Kallur Ramanathan is famous in Carnatic music. His younger brother Kalakalloor Gopinathan is also a great singer. His brother is his teacher. My brother’s only bad habit is drinking alcohol.

Because of this, once the younger brother had to sing in response to the elder brother. After that they leave the elder brother and start contracting the younger brother. Brother refused. The enmity with the younger brother increases with the elder brother.
The brother’s ego goes up in choosing the younger brother to sing in the Tyagaraja puja.

Realizing his mistake, the elder brother orders his younger brother to sing. When the younger brother is singing, the elder brother gets drunk and greets him and then dissolves into the darkness. After that no word came from his side. The letter to go to Kashi brings comfort to the family. In such a situation, the younger sister is getting married in her family. The marriage took place without a brother.

On being called the previous day, he went to the mortuary and saw that his brother had died in an accident and he was lying there. If he says so then the marriage will be interrupted, so the elder brother hides the death and conducts the marriage. When the truth is revealed, there is a furore in the family and with the understanding of the sister-in-law, peace is born again in the family.

National award there.. flop here!  malayalam movie share

It features Nedumudi Venu as the elder brother, Mohanlal as the younger brother, Geeta as the sister-in-law and Urvashi as the girl who loves Mohanlal. 8 songs in total. Master Ravindran had woven everything into the scripture music. The film ran for 125 days and became a huge success.

Mohanlal won the National Award for Best Actor, Jesudas won the National Award for Best Singer and Raveendran Master won the Special Mention Award. Malayalees have a mind that appreciates Shastri Sangeeta. Many movies like His Highness Abdullah, Chitram are full of Shastri music and singing. Both were successful films. The film lasted for a year.

National award there.. flop here!  malayalam movie share

Bharatam, which won three National Awards, was reconstructed by P. Vasu Seenu. Brother B. Vasu, younger brother Karthik. When the two performed the Shastri Sangeet, the audience ran halfway out of the theater.

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Many good Tamil films including Kalathur Kannamma have been spoiled by Malayalees in the name of remakes. As if to give a death blow to all of them, he took revenge by acting in the film Bharatam by the name of P. Vasu Seenu. Yesterday 22 years have passed since this bloodbath and 23rd year is starting from today.

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