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[Download 100%] – Niya Nana is the girl who fell at the feet of Gopinath and got his blessings

A North Indian woman Niya fell at the feet of Nana Gopinath and was blessed. Gopinath has solved the tragedy of a woman who has been waiting for Raksha Bandhan for 19 years. This promo is going viral on the internet.

Vijay TV’s show Niya Nana has aired more than 800 episodes for 23 seasons. After this show, debate shows were launched on many channels. But since then till date, the show Neya Nana is continuously running on the path of success. The biggest reason for this is that Gopinath is the anchor code of Neya Nana. He will keep the entire show under his control. After all the discussions are over, he will give the final touch in his own style and finish the show.

In these 800 episodes, the show Neya Nana has won many titles. In such a situation, husbands who marry foreign women this week are attending programs with their wives. The promo is out now. Husbands who marry women from foreign speaking states like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan share many things in common.

While speaking in the program a husband says that his wife is waiting for her brother’s Raksha Bandhan for 19 years. The woman who came with the Rakhi rope considers Angar Gopinath as her brother and performs rituals for him. He applies tilak on the gopi, ties rakhi, gives sweets and seeks blessings by falling at her feet. Seeing this her husband was shocked.

This video also confuses the eyes of the viewers. This very touching moment can be seen in full in the episode of Neya Nana, which will be telecasted tomorrow (17.7.22).

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