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Actor Kool Suresh has said that he will no longer speak Van Sanvad. Kool Suresh also explained the reason for this to the fans in the video.

Actor Kool Suresh is popular on social media with the line ‘Vendu Taninthana Kadu Simbuku Voladha Bodu’. He is an ardent fan of Simbu and has acted in several films on the silver screen. Kool Suresh Machi, who debuted with Prashanth’s Chocolate, has acted in several films like M Kumaran’s Son of Mahalakshmi, Devthaiai Kanden. He will definitely be given a role, especially in Simbu. Kool Suresh is now more famous on social media than on the silver screen.

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His style is to go to the first screening of films and give reviews. Mamnithan brushed up after watching the film and gave his review. In the film, Ponni’s Selvan came on a horse. Like this
Cool Suresh, who caught the attention of many people by taking trending things in his hand, has said that from now on, the dialogues of the jungles that have died will not be spoken.

Kool Suresh has said that he is thinking of a different dialogue with the upcoming Batu Thala film starring Simbu and will use it everywhere from now on. what is that? Kool Suresh said that he will inform about the dialogue tomorrow.

Kool Suresh’s speech to the media before the theater during the release of the film Kandrevi was trending on YouTube. Kool Suresh says in the video that he is doing all this as an ardent fan of Simbu and he is not doing it all for a film occasion.

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