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[Download 100%] – NTK leader Seeman appreciates Rocketry Nambi effect movie and

Seeman, chief coordinator of the Naam Tamilar party, praised Madhavan’s film Rocketry.

In this regard, he has said in a statement issued today that-

I really enjoyed watching the movie ‘Rocketry-Nambi Effect’ produced, directed and acted by Anbuthampi Madhavan. First of all my congratulations to Thambi for choosing such a story and making a film on it. I was delighted to see Rocketry deftly tackling the practical issues involved in filming the biographies of the original characters, without exhausting the audience in one scene.

The competence of a director will be determined by a thorough understanding of the three dimensions of the roles they play in filmmaking, namely the actors’ appearance, psychology and social life, bringing forth the required level of performance, as well as the best getting creativity . other technical performers and integrating them. In this way Thambi Madhavan has shown his screen skills as a director in this film.
Moreover, he has simplified the difficult scientific messages which the common movie watchers do not understand and made this film a world film with his excellent direction. Not because of my brother, Thambi Madhavan, who has already proved his skills as a film actor in several films, has made his mark in his very first film.

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With the great act of film direction, the great scientific genius Nambi Narayanan, the greatest scientific genius of the Indian mainland who appeared in Tamil, reflected the figurative language of Nambi Narayanan through small movements and the appearance of different ages. According to his body shortened and enlarged like youth and old age. It is the most important creation that moves and lasts.

The film not only tells us the pain of those watching the film but also makes us think about the dominance of politics in the field of science.

Particularly the scenes of him wandering for a rental car in the rain with his vulnerable wife, and how Nambi Narayanan’s family is being harassed and humiliated on the grounds that they have been falsely accused, they are a part of Narayanan’s life. Getting too close.

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Thambi Madhavan has proved to be a fine director by flouting the police who filed false cases without investigation and the unjust officers who fought for justice for years to mislead an innocent man. It is excellent that all kinds of curses specific to this country, such as the fact that the ruling class and rulers can easily bring down anyone at a higher level with lies and slander, and the general social psychology that accepts without and responds excellently, examining everything through compelling visuals.

Simran, who plays the wife of a scientist, adds life to her emotional performance. Ambutambi Surya, who has acted in Special Appearance, is winning the hearts of fans as always with her natural performance. Sirsha Ray’s cinematography and Sam CS’s peppy background music add to the strength of the film.

I request every Tamil to watch the film ‘Rocketry – Nambi Ehoyo’, which will be released as a biographical documentary on the respected astronaut Nambi Narayanan, who contributed immensely to the Indian space industry. I proudly embrace my brother Madhavan as I deeply appreciate that “Rocketry” is a great work which not only moves your eyes and makes you think, but also makes you think.

The life history of Ayya Nambi Narayanan, who fought against injustice till the end, no matter how much pain, disruption or humiliation he faced, is a life lesson that every human being must understand.

Thambi Madhavan will continue to deliver such great artworks, expressing my great desire, I express my heartfelt appreciation and best wishes to all the actors and technicians who have acted in the movie ‘Rocketry-Nambi Effect’.

Seeman said this.

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