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[Download 100%] – Olivia Wilde Rocks Harry Styles’ Tour Merch Hoodie: PHOTOS –

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Image credit: gp/mega

Olivia Wilde supporting her man! The 38-year-old filmmaker was seen walking to the gym in Los Angeles on Monday, Oct. rocking a gray hoodie from 24 Harry Styles‘ Love on Tour merchandise line. The sweater was gray in color with “Harry House” written on the left chest. A similar hoodie in black is available on Harry’s official website for $70 that includes a photo of his album cover on the back. The mom of two paired the casual hoodie with black leggings and black sneakers and wore her hair down. He completed the ‘fit’ workout with a yellow tote and brown sunglasses.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde was seen wearing Harry Styles’ Love on Tour Merchant at the gym in Los Angeles in October. 24, 2022 (Photo: GP/MEGA)

While Olivia and the 28-year-old British superstar have not publicly confirmed their relationship, they have proved that they are in love and committed time and again since they were first seen holding hands at a wedding in January. 2021. From kissing on an A-list European yacht cruise to flirting on the streets of New York City, the couple isnt shy about showing affection to each other. Plus, when fans thought the pair had broken up amid the tumultuous promotion of Olivia’s film don’t worry darling, which starred Harry, proved he was fine after Olivia had the time of her life on Harry’s tour in New York and North Carolina. A video of Olivia busting out a move at Harry’s Raleigh tour stop can be seen below.

Olivia Wilde
Close-up of Harry Styles merchandise worn by Olivia Wilde (Photo: GP/MEGA)

hollywoodlife It was previously confirmed that the “golden” hitmaker and Olivia are better than ever thanks to a source close to the couple. hl Exclusive Scoop. The insider added, “Despite the rumors that there was trouble in their relationship, this whole experience has actually made them stronger than ever.” “They both really wanted to keep their relationship out of the limelight when they were promoting this film and they think they did. Love that they share this unbreakable bond, and they are both so supportive of each other’s careers and would never do anything like this to get in the way of their relationship. ,


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Olivia was seen going in and out of the gym last week on Friday, October. 21 About her breakup and just days after dealing with the drama Relationship With your ex and the father of your children Jason Sudeikis, 47, and her relationship timeline with Harry. Jason and Olivia find their relationship at the center of an interview daily mail by his former nanny, who claimed that Jason tried to stop Olivia from leaving her house by lying in front of her car when she learned she had made a “special salad dressing” for Harry.

“As parents, it is very sad to learn that a former nanny of our two young children would choose to publicly make such false and reprehensible about us,” the actors said in statement. hollywoodlife Regarding interview. “Their now 18-month long campaign to harass us, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate climax. We will continue to focus on the upbringing and safety of our children with the utmost hope that she will now leave our family alone. Olivia then mocked the salad dressing debacle by sharing the recipe on her Instagram Story.

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