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[Download 100%] – Pandian Stores Jiva Patni Meena Pandian Stores Saturday Night:

In today’s episode of Pandian Stores serial, Meena’s sharp wit leaves everyone intoxicated. In today’s episode, the story of Meena going to the shop airs.

Aishwarya-Meena’s fight has gone beyond limits after Mulla and Katiram leave the house. Murthy also gets angry with this fight. Thanam Annie has given advice to both of them many times. But both Aishwarya and Meena are not listening to this. In the end Meena decides. I mean, he says he is going to Pandian stores just like Tanam Anni. A shock to the whole family.

This is the real title winner of Cook along with Komli.. Shrutika told the truth!

Aishwarya and Kannan laugh. But Meena is adamant. In the end Thanam says it right. In today’s episode, Meena leaves for Jammu for shopping. But there is work overhead. Meena does not know how to pay the bill fast. This annoys the customers who come to the shop. Every time he calls Jeeva and gives tension. Saravanan also does not like Meena’s work.

Alia is going to come back after losing weight! i just wanna act with them

When people come to the shop and ask where the goods are, Meena does not know. In the name of stacking the material, he pours it from bottom to top. Everyone who works in the shop says that like a sister-in-law, you do not speak nonsense. This changes Meena’s face. Seeing all this, Jeeva stars at Meena and hits her on the head. For Meena, who was a luxury in the house, the job of the shop was not fixed on the first day. And that ends today’s episode. Meena will definitely not come to the shop from the next day.

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