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[Download 100%] – Pavam Ganesan Guna Bhai Praveen Nitya Vivah Pavam

In the Bhavam Ganesan serial, Guna’s younger brother Praveen ties a plate to Nitya at the temple. Now a sensational promo has been released regarding this.

Many serials aired on Vijay TV have been very innovative. Due to this, many serials aired on Vijay TV occupy the top position in the DRP ratings. Similarly, they are introducing new stories and characters without kneading the same dough hence many people prefer to watch the serials that are aired on Vijay TV. Especially according to the liking of the people, they are bringing some changes in the entire series. In this sequence, the serial ‘Bavam Ganesan’, which is aired on Vijay TV, should be mentioned.

Big responsibility given to Robo Shankar.. Fans are waiting!

This serial has many fans as it portrays the family story of poor people. “Pavam Ganesan” is the story of a young man who forgets his happiness and lives only for his family. Last week, Ganesan’s younger sister Nitya had left the house with her boyfriend Lakshmi. Guna and Ganesan searched everywhere. Finally the phone came from the police station.

Big Boss Oviya’s sudden end.. Fans are very happy!

A huge blow was waiting for Ganesan, who ran in panic. Police have arrested Nitya from her hotel room in a rape case. Hearing this, Ganesan became distraught. The women police then acquired Nitya from the case as there was no wrongdoing. But the neighbors knew about this. Guna’s brother Praveen also comes to know about this.

Praveen is already in love with Nitya. In such a situation, after talking to Nitya’s friends, Praveen directly goes to meet Nitya. When Praveen learns that everyone is going to the temple, he goes there and ties a plate around Nitya’s neck without Nitya knowing. When Praveen made this mistake while intoxicated, the whole family was shocked. What will happen to Nitya’s life next? What decision is Ganesan going to take in the life of his younger sister? We’ll have to wait and see.

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