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[Download 100%] – Pavani Reddy Instagram Aamir Pavani Love Post Viral: Aamir Said

Aamir gave an unexpected reply to wish Pawan a happy birthday. This post posted by Pavani on Instagram is going viral on the internet.

Bigg Boss Bhavani Reddy shared a close-up photo with Aamir and wished Aamir on his birthday. Not only this, Pavani’s mention of the word “I love you da” in that post has created a huge debate on the internet. Pavani’s post has further fueled the suspicion that the pair were already rumored to be dating.

He got married for the second time.. Bigg Boss Iswani gave the answer to the controversy!

Aamir celebrated his birthday yesterday. Bigg Boss friends, film personalities, BB Jodi contestants all showered congratulations on the internet. Not only this, Priyanka, Nirup and Abhishek Raja also gave a cake cutting surprise to Aamir. Aamir has thanked everyone by sharing these photos and videos on his Instagram.

Big Boss Oviya’s sudden end.. Fans are very happy!

At this time everyone was waiting for the registration of Pavani. In the end, Bhavani shared a close-up photo with Aamir and captioned it with many emotional things. “Thank you so much for coming into my life. Man with a heart of gold. Many thanks to Aamir for being with me all the time. A generous man who always thinks of the good of others. I pray to God that May you get everything you want on this earth.I love you and Happy Birthday Aamir.

After seeing this post of Pavani, fans are somehow confirming this and celebrating as Vitor. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what Aamir has to say on this, Aamir says “Thank you Bhavani”. In the Bigg Boss show, Aamir always calls her as Bhavani instead of Bhavani. Remembering this, Aamir posted it as a comment. On that, Pavani put the slapping emoji and replied as Pavani.

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