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[Download 100%] – Poet Vairamuthu said that if this was the case he would have stopped writing

Kaviparasu Vairamuthu in a recent interview shared various information about his literary experience, film songs and achievements of the film industry.

Vairamuthu said in that interview-

If everyone can save my loneliness then I will be grateful to everyone. At that time the author would be a sage. They will go to the forest.

I spin like an easel in this diesel civilization. I create literature in the midst of materialistic life.

If you only ask me to write literature, I will celebrate that life. I am publishing a book of poetry. If Tamil people buy 100,000 copies on the first day, I will stop writing songs.

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Writing songs in films drains my energy. The center of the poem breaks. Tamil people should support poetry. There was no cinema in the Indian era. If there was cinema in his time, he would have come to the cinema.

I feel that Akash and I have a natural attraction. The producers would take me overseas to write songs and arrange a room there in a 7-star hotel. There I will ask them if they know the sky. Otherwise, I’ll sit down by the park and start writing.

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Sky is an option for me. The sky is an energy for me. The sky is my joy. The sky is my happiness. I am very happy to see the changing clouds in the sky.

The sky doesn’t change. Clouds will come and go and change. The colors of the sky change. As the atmosphere and sunlight interact, the colors of the sky change. Man needs to see all this. You stop watching TV by closing all the windows. come out.

Television said no. But come out enjoy nature. Hear the chirping of birds. Look at the sky. Make your contribution to this nature. Talk to nature, he said.

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