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[Download 100%] – Ponniyin Selvan PS1 Costumes: 8th Century Ponniyin

Ponni Ki Selvan has been released and is running with an overwhelming response in theaters. In Tamil Nadu, families go to see movies. Even on weekdays the crowd did not reduce. It’s because it’s a holiday now

Ponni’s assets have been taken for hundreds of crores of rupees. Jayamohan, who wrote the script of the film, said that Ponni’s Selvan will take the history of the Cholas, the fighting skills of the Cholas and their pride to the world. Did Mani Ratnam take Ponni’s property to make the Cholas proud? Leaving the question aside, there is no doubt that this film will tell the world the height of Tamil cinema. At least at the Indian level, the Selvan quality of Ponni will be talked about.

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The scenes and costumes in Ponni Selvan are being criticized in Tamil Nadu. When filming an 8th century story, you need to use items that reflect that period. If we use contemporary material it will be a failure of the film. This rule is violated in dressing.

The actors in the film should have used leather thongs on their hand gloves. Buckles used in modern day shoulder and backpack bags were used instead of the drawstring. You can also see that it is attached to the hand guard using a zipper. All these came into vogue several centuries after the eighth century. Those used in film are now in use in the 21st century.

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While it may not be surprising to see this film, this buckle may have caused Pony’s Selvan Award to be declined for the costume award. Blogger Keithbrian Karthikeyan Vasudevan, who brought to mind the buckle issue, notes that the first form of the buckle was invented and used in 14th-century Rome. It is about 500-600 years after the occurrence of the Selvan story of Ponni. You can also see Brad Pitt using the arm gauntlet as an Achilles at Hollywood Troy.

When Jayam told Ravi Rajamouli that he completed both the parts of Ponni’s Selvan in 150 days, he was surprised. He spent months making Baahubali costumes, jewelry and weapons. Boney Selvan’s fashion designer has saved that time by using buckles.

Ponniyin Selvan PS1 Costumes: 8th Century Ponniyin

Ponniyin Selvan PS1 Costumes: 8th Century Ponniyin

Mani Ratnam’s film is actually better than Baahubali and RRR. It would have been even more amazing if he paid more attention to small things like buckles

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