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[Download 100%] – Raja Rani Aadhi Raja Rani 2 Serial Update: So Soon

In the serial Raja Rani 2, Sandhya has found evidence of Adi’s theft. The promo is out now.

In the serial Raja Rani, Sivakami’s last son Adi falls in love with a girl named Jesse. The marriage ended amidst many problems. Sivagami did not give the OK to this marriage as Jesse belonged to a different religion. Not only this, Sivakami did not know at first that the child in Jesse’s womb was Adi. That’s why he didn’t want Jesse in the beginning. But in the end everyone comes to know that Adi-Jesse is in love. Sandhya has somehow agreed to the marriage.

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Archana makes another plan to make Jesse win. After all this, Adi-Jesse will get married as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sandhya passed the IPS exam. A letter comes home inviting him for a fitness test. Then Sivakami gives the check. Sandhya had to go to Chennai, so who took away the missing 5 lakh rupees in the house? He asks to find out.

Sandhya also finds out about it. Adi is caught red handed. Adi finally falls at Sandhya’s feet when Sandhya learns that Saravanan took the 5 lakh money she had won in a cooking contest and spent it on fun, and bought a diamond necklace for Jesse. Now Sandhya is going to take a decision. Tell the truth about Adi and go to Chennai? No. Are Adi-Jesse going to keep quiet thinking that the wedding should happen? The decision is in Sandhya’s hands.

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