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[Download 100%] – RED Telugu Movie Review – A boring and boring thriller


A boring and boring thriller


‘U / A’ certified, 2 hours 26 minutes

Ram Pothineni Red Movie ReviewWhat is the movie about?
Aditya (Ram) and Siddharth (Ram) are identical twins. While Siddharth is an engineer, Aditya runs a scam. The latter’s criminal activities lead to a serious situation when he has to pay a huge sum to a crook overnight.

What steps will Aditya take to refund the amount? How does Siddharth get caught up in the mess? Did they get out and how it plays is what the movie is about?

How is Ram Pothineni performing?
For the first time in his career, Aries plays a dual role. The makeover is good, and the styling is done nicely. And this is the best one can talk about. It doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong, but nothing is new to him except the physical change.

If Siddharth is the quintessential Aries, then Aditya is an extension of the Ismart Shankar actor’s personality. So it is nothing unusual or different from him. He has done everything that needs to be done with sincerity. He is the reason someone continues to follow the procedure, even if it is not exciting.

Director-Kishore-TirumalaDirected by Kishore Tirumala?
Kishore Tirumala from Second Hand, Nenu Shailaja, Vunnadi Okate Zindagi and Chitralahari fame directs Red. When you look at the names of the films he has made before, it is easy to get an idea of ​​where his strength lies. Red is an alien area for him because it belongs to a thriller genre.

Every successful director develops a strong zone and genre, and not everyone manages to try another ‘. There is a reason why it is. When you look at Red, it’s easy to see why.

Red as a thriller offers considerable space for sensation and has story-wise moments. It is not an original idea and is a remake of the Tamil movie Thadam. Despite having a blueprint and vision, Kishore Thirumala fails to be executed.

It feels like he had no interest in remaking the Tamil movie. We can sense that from how the first parts of Red take place. There is an urban love story at the beginning. The director fails to make it interesting. It is his weakest spelling. We see it here purely as a romantic drama, something the director specializes in.

If that’s the case in performing the parts that belong to the power of Kishore Tirumala, imagine what happens when the actual content takes place. In the second half we get an outdated 90s drama film instead of an exciting story.

The lack of suspense and the gripping story is where Red loses interest. It is sacrilege for a thriller not to have a poignant moment. We get a glimpse of that in the pre-interval and interval period. But that is short-lived.

The tonal inconsistency is visible from the start when there is an exaggerated drama on the one hand and a romantic drama on the other. It gives a messy and continuous sense of movement where nothing happens to hold the attention.

The changes that have been made to give the nativity scene even more take away the exciting factor associated with the story and the story. The unnecessary comedy and some misunderstandings exacerbate the situation, which stays that way until the end.

Overall, Red is a thriller with hardly any suspense. Nothing works in the movie except the pre-interval and interval stretch. The director’s inability to deliver a poignant and consistent tone is the fault here. If you’ve seen the original, skip Red. If you haven’t already, the remake is a sub-par thriller.

Malavika Sharma - Red Movie Review

Malvika and others?

Malvika Sharma is dull and lifeless without any on-screen presence. It dramatically affects the romantic opening thread.

Nivetha Pethuraj is a complete misstep. The seriousness of the whole story is notable for its presence. It doesn’t help her because few other characters are introduced along with her for fun. Nivetha and those additions are the main reason for the dilution of the exciting bits.

Amrita Aiyer is better among the female protagonists, but she will be given limited screen time. Sampath Raj is loud and boisterous in its typical style. Pavitra Lokesh is wasted in a mistreated role. Sathya fails to have fun because of weak punches and writing. Posani and Vennela Kishore have no impact.

Music Director-Mani-SharmaMusic and other departments?
Mani Sharma fails to recreate Ismart Shankar’s magic with Red. Only the opening mass number is recorded. The background score is relatively better, but it’s nothing unique or memorable. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is okay. The assembly by Junaid Siddiqui is sloppy. It gives a shocking feeling to the story.

Nivetha Pethuraj - Red Movie ReviewHighlights?
Pre-interval and interval
Parts of the second half

Tonal inconsistency
Shocking story
Weak writing

Comedian Satya - Red Movie ReviewTake alternative
Telugu cinema evolves narratively with an emphasis on core content rather than deviation. Red should have been a real thriller with a better cast. That way it would have been much better than what it is now.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but with huge reservations

Red Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

RED Telugu Movie Review Rating

– RED is coming to an end. Stay tuned for our detailed review soon.

– Finally the twist is revealed and the movie goes to the end.

– Both Aditya (Ram) and Siddharth (Ram) shared their childhood and what they had to go through to become what they are. The police interrogation proceeds at its own pace.

– RED second half started. Nivetha began to dig deeper into the case.

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