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[Download 100%] – RHOSLC newbie Angie Harrington’s husband admits to making a fake

One real housewives‘ The husband couldn’t resist chime in at the drama – just not in any way we’d expect from a grown adult!

A glimpse of Wednesday’s episode The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Cityshared with y page six, Angie Harringtonhusband of Chris (both shown on the left in the photo above) revealed that he made a fake instagram account for trolling his co-star Lisa Barlow (right, above inset)! WTF?!

While going out to dinner with the housewife Meredith Marks and his whereabouts Seth, the couples discuss the ongoing drama between Angie and Lisa. When Angie joined the series as a “friend” in Season 2, they used to be friends — but things hit the road when Angie was accused of sabotaging her LGBTQ+ charity event. Lisa has vehemently denied the—but it ruined their yearslong friendship. A classic he said, she said.

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Now in Season 3, Angie, who has officially made it to the cast, has since been feuding with her ex-friend. Whitney Rose Alleged that this newbie was spreading rumors about how Lisa was doing “sexual favors” in return Utah Jazoo Basketball tickets, a business loan, and key placements for his brand farewell tequilaVery lousy allegation… and a viewer will probably remember from the first episode when a scorned Meredith shared as much while talking to Seth.

Angie has denied the claims, and she had more to say about why she thinks her name was drawn into the drama in the first place. In the exclusive clip, she said, reflecting on her attempt to smooth things out with Lisa during a group ski excursion:

“I think that was the only loss with Lisa. She doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

The fashion blogger continued to vent:

“I’m very interested to see what she says about all the ‘lies’ I’ve said. But I’ve never said she did a sexual favor for a loan or a jazz ticket. I’m disappointed that I got into it dragged off.”

Although she never suggested that the reality star might have done a sexual favor, she did admit to gossiping about her rival. As to why Whitney insisted that she participated in the rumors, she said:

“I think we understand things a little differently. And maybe there was a comment like, ‘Oh, that guy invested in Vida.’ But ‘sexual favor’ was never there. Like, I wouldn’t say that.”

In a confession, she opened up about why she felt so comfortable sharing her side of the story with Meredith, admitting:

“Sometimes when you go through emotional things or the breakup of a friendship, you have a kind of common ground and that brings you closer. Meredith and I are bound by a bit of trauma. I think we’re both on the receiving end of Lisa Barlow’s wrath.”

For those not familiar, Meredith’s issue with Lisa comes when Starr forgets she had a hot mic hidden in the bathroom, leading Meredith to “f**ked half of New York” among other allegations. Was making all kinds of harmful claims about it. Apologies were many afterward, but it did nothing to mend the break.

It’s not just women who have apparently been hurt by Barlow, though!

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Chris called Lisa’s husband john There has been a stalemate for him too – supposedly not without reason – at least for him! He said to the table:

“Last time we saw John at a jazz game. When I go upstairs, he’s just sitting there and he goes, ‘Get away from me.’ And I’m like, ‘John, are you serious?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah.’ I do not know what happened.”

Meredith called Seth’s behavior “shocking”:

“It’s so out of character. I’m short of words.”

Seth and John were very close and very neutral before their wives fell apart, ending their decade-long friendship last year. Interestingly, Angie then piped up – claiming there was a very reasonable reason John was angry at Chris! She reminded her husband of “what happened on Instagram,” saying:

“Chris got really frustrated because he felt I was being attacked in the media.”

Chris agreed, suggesting that he believed Lisa was leaking stories about Angie to the media, adding:

“A lot of it felt like it was coming from Lisa.”

While Angie says that only Lisa would know the information the press was getting, in last week’s episode, Lisa denies the. But that wasn’t enough for Harrington – and the troubled husband decided to do something about it! Chris then admitted:

“At a very immature moment, as a 52-year-old man – please judge me later – but I created a fake account.”

So cheap! “immature” sounds like an understatement after hearing us confess to having created a troll account. While the clip stops there, fans can only imagine what Chris must have done on social media pretending to be someone else. Did he stop cyberbullying or how far did he have to go to tell John to stop “f**k”?

He certainly didn’t seem too shy about his actions, as he revealed the news with a smug smile! Ch-ch-watch it here! It just goes to show that the drama is getting out of hand between the couples. Reactions?! Will you watch tonight’s episode to know more?? Will Lisa ever be forgiven / proven right? Tell us (below)!

[Image via Angie Harrington/Lisa Barlow/Instagram]

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