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[Download 100%] – Rihanna wore a ‘D’ necklace, may have hinted at baby name: PHOTOS

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rihanna There’s been quite a stir lately whenever she steps out, as there is a lot of buzz around the pop princess. With the news of his performance in the 2023 Super Bowl a few weeks back, he shared the name of his 4-month-old son A$AP Rocky Still a mystery and, as always, no word yet on new music, assuming fans are keeping tabs on Rihanna’s every move. And such was the case when the Fenty designer was spotted in LA on Saturday (October 8).

Rihanna wore a 'D' necklace, may have hinted at baby name: PHOTOS
Rihanna walks her way to a recording studio in LA in October 2022. (

Donning a cool silver soccer jersey, Rihanna was seen teasing her much-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl, which she previously said left her both “nervous and excited.” She also wore a smorgasbord of necklaces, including the letter ‘D’, which may have been a possible sign on her name and A$AP’s little bundle of joy. And as to where her new music is concerned: the singer was headed to a recording studio again after a few previous trips over the past few weeks!

Despite it being unclear who A$AP was with Rihanna in the studio on Saturday, the pair is clearly going from strength to strength following the arrival of their son. sSome much-needed couple time is often on the table, as they have been spotted on multiple date nights since becoming parents for the first time.

Rihanna wore a 'D' necklace, may have hinted at baby name: PHOTOS
Rihanna wore a necklace with the letter ‘D’ which could possibly be a sign of her baby’s name. (

A source close to the “Umbrella” hitmaker told EXCLUSIVELY hollywoodlife That this pair’s relationship is better than ever. “Rihanna has seen a completely different side of Rocky that she has never known. Ever since they welcomed their son into this world, she has fallen in love with him even more and the bonding of Rocky and his son Cherishes every moment of watching it,” said the insider.

“Rihanna knows how close Rocky is to her nieces and nephews and so she was able to get a glimpse of what parenthood would be like with her, but it was never quite as perfect as it is now. Has not left along and he helps in taking care of their son in every way possible,” he continued.

Two other sources told hollywoodlife Especially that Hop Star has been a tremendous support system for the baby, even offering to change diapers. “Rocky has been everything. She told her friends that she can’t imagine doing this to anyone else, but by her side, he’s so supportive and loving. She’s got to hold her son and watch her.” She loves him in a whole new way,” commented one of the insiders.

Rihanna and A$AP started dating in 2020 after being friends for several years. The pair announced the news of their pregnancy in January 2021 with an incredible maternity photoshoot in New York City. After this, he welcomed his son on 13 May.

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