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Actress Poorna has given a befitting reply to the rumors circulating on social media that her marriage is over.

Actress Poorna is a leading actress in Tamil and Malayalam cinema. He is able to showcase his full talent to bring life to the characters he plays. She debuted in Tamil with Bharat’s film Muniyaandi Vilangyal Third Year. After that he acted in movies like Kodaikanal, Vellore District, Audubuli, Akanda, Thalavi. Poorna’s performance in films like Kodi Veeran and Savarkathi received praise.

How sweet is Bharathi Kannamma Vinusha!

In Malayalam he was in the movie Drishyam 2.Currently focusing on TV shows and web series. In this case, Poorna had announced her marriage a few months back. There are reports that Poorna is going to tie the hand of UAE businessman Asif Ali. Poorna also confirmed this on Instagram.

Alas, the shock that the beauty had in the end went to dance!

Ashif and I, who have been friends for years, are taking our relationship to the next level. Poorna said I am waiting for your greetings. After this Poorna-Asif’s engagement ended in a grand manner. A few days back, Poorna had also posted candid pictures of her engagement moment on Instagram.

In such a situation, rumors were spreading on social media that Poorna’s marriage has stopped. To finish it off, Poorna has posted a picture of herself close to her future husband and has posted it as ‘Beneme Annavan’. The date of marriage of Poorna-Aashib seems to be announced soon. Will Poorna continue acting even after marriage? Now the question has arisen.

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