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[Download 100%] – Sembruthi Akilandeshwari Sembruthi Climax Time: 4 hrs..

Zee Tamil’s mega hit serial Sembruthi series is ending on 31st July. It has been revealed from the promo that the climax of this hit series will be aired continuously for 4 hours with 16 twists.

Sembruthi is a serial aired on Zee Tamil since 2017. Actress Priya Raman is playing the character of Akilandeshwari in this serial. Agni is playing the role of the hero and actress Shabana is playing the role of the heroine. Sembruthi serial is one such serial which has attracted fans and is being aired successfully with his grandfather. The serial has reached its climax with a successful run of over 1400 episodes.

Willy Willy Vandana to enter the popular serial as Willy!

Sembruthi serial has its own number of fans. Kartik Raj used to play the character of Adi earlier. He was later dropped from that role. Also, actress Janani Ashok played the role of Aishwarya, Akhilandeshwari’s younger niece. Later he was also removed from the serial. On the one hand, even though there have been many changes, but this serial continues to adulterate the TRP even today.

I am that Kapilan.

Till now Adi has tied a plate to Parvati 3 times and Akhilandeshwari has also accepted Adi-Parvati. A few weeks ago, when the serial was moving towards the climax, there were reports on the internet that the Shembaruthi serial would end as soon as possible, but now its official announcement has been made.

Next Sunday 31st July, Sembruthi serial is ending. The climax of the series is being broadcast continuously for 4 hours. After that the success celebration of the serial will also be telecast. With 16 twists, celebrities from Zee Tamil serial are also featured in the Sembruthi climax. How is the climax of the serial going to be? Fans are eagerly waiting.

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