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[Download 100%] – Shenaz Treasury On Dealing With Prosopagnosia: ‘I Don’t Feel So Bad Because Brad Pitt Has It’


Ishq Vishk actress Shenaz Treasury opens up on dealing with prosopagnosia

Actor Shenaz Treasury of “Ishq Vishq” and “Delhi Belly” fame says her prosopagnosia or face blindness diagnosis came as a huge relief rather than a setback as she could finally understand that it was the brain cognitive issue that made it difficult for her to recognise people. The video jockey-turned-actor said all her life she used to feel that she was not “smart” enough to remember people but after she became aware of her condition, she could connect the dots surrounding her behaviour.

“I have always had this issue since I was a young girl. I can’t recognise people. My brain doesn’t put people’s faces together. I couldn’t understand what’s wrong with me. I used to feel may be I am not smart. But it turned out to be. I wouldn’t call it a disorder but it is a brain cognitive issue,” Treasury told PTI.

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The actor first opened up about living with face blindness in an Instagram post she had shared on her 41st birthday earlier this week. She had revealed that she suffers from prosopagnosia, a cognitive inability to recognise people’s faces and outlined the signs and symptoms.

Treasury said prosopagnosia is not a “dangerous” problem and over the years she has learnt how to deal with it — “say hi and smile”. “This is not a dangerous problem or issue, it is something that I have had all my life. I absolutely know how to deal with it. I just smile and say hi to everybody so that I don’t offend anybody,” the actor said, adding that in the past there have been instances when she had upset people because she couldn’t recognise them.

Even while watching films, Treasury said, she would feel confused as couldn’t differentiate between two actors on screen. “I would ask somebody sitting next to me if the two characters are the same (person). They would be like ‘No, that’s the villain’. They would look at me like I’m crazy but somehow, I can’t recognise. “

Treasury hopes to raise awareness about prosopagnosia and wants the society to be “kind” towards those with the cognitive disorder. “I would really appreciate it if people knew about this. I don’t know how common this issue is. But I haven’t met anyone else who has this to the level that I do. “

On a lighter note, Treasury takes comfort in knowing that she is not the only celebrity to have prosopagnosia. Last month in an interview with an international magazine, Hollywood star Brad Pitt had said he believes he may be suffering from prosopagnosia, but he has never been officially diagnosed.

“I think even Brad Pitt has it. So, I don’t feel so bad for having it because Brad Pitt has it,” the actor quipped.

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