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[Download 100%] – Social media found Lydia McNair’s family in less than 10 hours

three days later Lydia McNair When he was born, his adoptive family picked him up from a Raleigh, North Carolina, hospital. Now, Lydia is about two weeks away from being reunited with her biological mother for the first time in 21 years.

Lydia McNair as a child. Photo courtesy of Lydia McNair.

A viral post helped Lydia find her mother, two brothers, two sisters and a nephew. Ironically, she also has two adopted brothers, two sisters and a nephew. Less than 10 hours after first sharing her discovery on social media, Lydia had to fill in the missing pieces of her family tree.

The posting on social media on Black Friday was Lydia’s last-ditch effort to find the woman who gave birth to her. His next step was to hire a private investigator. He had already tried using 23 & Me but no matches were found for relatives. So he started with the tweet, then updated the Facebook status. He had also made a TikTok video with the same information, but his story spread so quickly that he didn’t get a chance to post it.

Lydia didn’t hold back as she told me her story on Tuesday. Her voice on the phone remains eager throughout the hour-long conversation about her upbringing and journey to find her roots. At times, I catch the change in his tone, as if his throat is choked with emotion. Still, she remains gracious and open to all questions, even tough and offensive ones like, “Are you making this story up for publicity” And “Do you think a DNA test is necessary?”

She’s not making it up. Lydia assured me that she had the Amazing Grace Adoption paperwork regarding her closed adoption to prove it. And McNair is in no rush for bloodwork, if at all. Dates are available. Her adoptive parents and biological mother met before she was born on September 15, 2001—so the faces are familiar.

How Lydia reconnected with her family after going viral

But when she posted, her only leads were the name of her biological mother, Demonica, her birthplace and date, the name of the adoption agency, and knowledge of 3-4 older siblings. Nevertheless, he took the opportunity with the Intuitive Investigators on 25 November. The flood of responses came in within minutes. People flooded her DMs and comment sections with leads.

In a recent interview, his elder sister Vivian Thorpe told ABC 11 that Demonica received a message about placing a child up for adoption. He searched Lydia’s name on Facebook, and the post appeared. He left a comment. Then she connected with Lydia in a DM.

Less than 12 hours after posting, she was on the phone with Vivian and their mother. The next day Vivian drove about 3.5 hours from Raleigh to Asheville, where Lydia grew up, to visit her younger sister. They are about a year apart.

Lydia was waiting for Vivian to come. She says that when they hugged for the first time, there were instant tears in that moment. he called it a “A once in a lifetime moment, filled with so much love and happiness.”

Lydia McNair and sister Vivian Thorpe during their first reunion in Asheville on Nov. 26. Photo courtesy of Lydia McNair.

The reunited sisters spend the day exploring Lydia’s favorite spots in Asheville. They ate Mexican food, which they both loved, and drank hot chocolate. But above all, he talked non-stop. Although they have spent 21 years apart, Lydia says it is as if they have known each other their entire lives.

Lydia’s biological family looked for her but got her name wrong.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Demonica and Lydia’s other siblings were unable to join in on the last-minute road trip. But December 15th can’t come fast enough for him. The college juniors will be back in Asheville for winter break. Then, she’ll head to Raleigh for her long-awaited reunion with Mama Demonica.

“I really feel like when I meet him it’s when everything is going to hit me at once and I’m just like ‘wow’. But it just feels… it still doesn’t feel real like real. I feel like I’m literally going to wake up tomorrow morning and it’s all going to be a dream.” TSR. “It’s crazy to think right now, we actually have a date now, like I’m going to go over there and meet her. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and now it’s actually going to happen in a few days.” Used to be.

The 21-year-old learned that his biological family was also looking for him. But his name was wrong. Demonica wanted her youngest child to be named Michelle, but the request got lost in the adoption paperwork. Therefore, Lydia’s adoptive parents choose their own and begin their new life together.

Social media helped Lydia McNair find her biological family 10 hours after she posted about her search.
Lydia McNair at about two years old at Easter. Photo courtesy of Lydia McNair

Lydia was raised in a predominantly white community and family.

Lydia says she experienced a fulfilling childhood living on a farm with her adopted, all-white family. She trained in horse riding and took jazz, tap, and hip-hop dance classes, and played basketball and soccer. She excelled in school, eventually gaining acceptance into Xavier University in Louisiana. It is an achievement of which he is extremely proud.

When her parents adopted her, they already had three biological children. Four months after Lydia joined the family, the now-divorced couple adopted a son. Lydia and her younger brother are two of the few black people in Asheville and her immediate adoptive family—an experience that raised issues of identity.

Lydia said, “Growing up, there were only two of us in an entirely white family, and it was definitely a challenge.” To install Two black kids. So, it was definitely a challenge trying to figure out who I was because I never had anyone who looked like me. I never knew where I got my facial features, where I got my personality… It was hard to know.

Her parents have been supportive of her journey to meet her biological family. Lydia soon expressed a desire to do so. A misunderstood Lydia wants to clear up that she plans to leave her adoptive family – she’s not.

“My adoptive family is my family. They raised me. They taught me everything I know. They’ve supported me through everything, my first car, my first apartment, college. So no, they definitely will still be a heavy part of my life, they’re still in college with me,” Lydia said.

At this point in the conversation, Lydia’s voice breaks, admitting that setting the record straight made her emotional. She loves her adoptive family – that much is clear.

Her parents’ last conversation with her biological mother is still 21 years old. They want to give Lydia a chance to socialize with her family without any added pressure. But they met Vivian when she spent the night in Asheville on 26 November.

Lydia is judgment-free and ready to meet her mother.

Since getting to know each other, Lydia and Demonica have talked almost every day. They talk about their classes, their days, and more casual topics. Why she was put up for adoption hasn’t been heavily discussed.

Lydia has bits and pieces: an abusive father with a record and a complicated living situation. But ultimately, she’s waiting until all the details come together during their in-person meeting.

“Even though I don’t know the full story, I truly believe in my heart that my biological mother did what was best for me at this time,” In fact, I have no bad feelings.

Lydia is not worried about meeting her mother. And thankfully, before social media helped reunite this family, Lydia explored all the possible outcomes with her therapist. He is focused only on his excitement and the hope that his story has given to others.

Lydia said, “Families aren’t perfect, and my biological family probably has their own baggage that they’ve dealt with, and personally, I’m willing to accept that with open arms.” “I’m just happy that I was able to reconnect with him, that in itself is very special.”

Social media helped Lydia McNair find her biological family 10 hours after she posted about her search.
Lydia McNair, Vivian Thorpe and their mother, Demonica, during their first joint FaceTime call. Photo courtesy of Lydia McNair.

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