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[Download 100%] – Strange World Review: The Most Rainbow Disney Animated Movie Ever, The New Adventure Disney Classic

Form: Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Lucy Liu, Gabrielle Union, Jaboukie Young-White

Director: Don Hall Reviews: 3.5/5 (three and a half stars)

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Strange world is the new science fiction adventure film from Disney about the exploration of unknown areas within the planet, directed by Don Hall and Qui Nguyen. In its small way and without surpassing some of the Disney animation classics of recent years in brilliance and memorability, the film, directed by Don Hall and written by Qui Nguyen, manages to speak to the heart of a transgenerational audience, from the oldest to youngest. , who need to feel represented on the big screen. In our review of Strange World, we’ll try to analyze the extent to which these contemporary elements make the new Disney movie perfect for an audience of postmodern families.

The 61st Disney animated classic arrives in cinemas Wednesday 23ed November; Directed by Academy Award-winning director Don Hall (Big hero 6), Strange World effectively and inclusively continues the legacy of the current wave of animated films produced by the House of Mickey Mouse: keeping pace with the changing times and with a story that confronts many of the most burning issues in our society today .

Strange World Review: The story plot

We find ourselves in the imaginative town of Avalonia, an out-of-this-world place that has idolized the exploits of the Clade family for decades; led by the paterfamilias Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid), the Clades have always distinguished themselves by their reconnaissance skills; But everything changes when Jaeger decides to leave the mountains to find a miraculous plant that he would have provided sustenance to his town; disappearing from everyone’s view, he leaves behind his wife Meridian (Gabrielle Union) and his son Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal), who start a new life after twenty-five years and grow the family.

Until Callisto Kal (Lucy Liu), the president of Avalonia, urges Searcher to follow her on a new adventure that could change everyone’s life forever. This is the intriguing premise of Strange worldthe sixty-first animated film from Walt Disney Pictures released one year after the extraordinary and unexpected success of Charm. A rather devious witness for Oscar-winning director Don Hall, who in 2014 had secured the statuette for the tender and touching Big Hero 6 and whose Strange world has much more in common than meets the eye.

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Strange world review and Analysis

As well as for the animated classic set in colorful San Fransokyo Strange world talks about family and father-son relationships, this time troubling three generations within the same family tree. That of the Clade is by no means a light legacy to pay homage and commit; the great explorer Jaeger would like his son Searcher to follow in his footsteps, but the sudden death of his father over time forces his son to devote himself to a modest life surrounded by the simple and functional beauty of agriculture. All in all, a different form of care for nature than the more “aggressive” and adventurous approach of the explorer father.

A legacy, that of agriculture, but which seems to be ignored by the young Ethan Clade (Jaboukie Young-White), madly in love with a man his age and with his blood boiling with a desire for adventure. Bread to his teeth, which he gets when the whole family is involved in a lysergic search for new natural sources of sustenance in an underground world that seems to pay homage to Jules Verne’s science fiction novel Journey to the Center of the Earth and the cult film Hallucinating Journey from 1966.

As the entire Clade roams this colorful and dangerous underworld, they will discover that family ties still hold them together, despite personal differences and unmet expectations. Where Strange World hits the mark is precisely when it sets aside the pure sci-fi and adventure story and delves into the psychology of the three generations of fathers and sons that collide: from the revived Jaeger to his son Searcher and then on to the Little Ethan, Don Hall’s animated film tells with tact and genuine sensitivity the cultural struggles and misunderstandings that can arise within multiple generations of the same family unit.

After all, Clade’s Hamletian doubt can be reduced to this choice: to live as an explorer or as a farmer? Strange World’s well-characterized protagonists will learn over time (and between one daring adventure and another) to love each other just as they are, respecting their dreams, desires and aspirations; without disappointing the family’s expectations, but celebrating them with a sense of natural acceptance that permeates all the morals of this good inclusive Disney film.

Without departing from already beaten paths, Strange World manages to achieve two fundamental objectives that fly relatively low compared to the Disney classics that preceded it: to tell a story with unpredictable environmental inspirations with a great sense of adventure and a new slice of young audiences LGBTQ+, finally represented in the character of Ethan with delicate and inclusive cinematic brushstrokes, anything but indulgent. Two thematic objectives that speak directly to a world and a society, ours, in constant change and transformation; for this reason, Strange World – A Mysterious World manages to achieve the goal of its contemporary aspirations with unexpected effectiveness and simplicity.

A true animation film aimed at an audience of postmodern families, made up of young and old of all ages, orientations and generations. This time for real. Directed by Don Hall, co-directed and written by Qui Nguyen and Roy Conli, Strange World brings the same signatures Big hero 6 and Raya and the Last Dragon, which shares both the tone and the main themes, as well as the artistic direction in general. Almost entirely devoid of original songs, the journey of the Clade family presents a beautiful parable about family bonds, the father-son relationship and the weight of a cumbersome legacy, the importance of finding your way and making your way, against an often stifling parental will. A story that amuses and entertains well, directed with the adventurous attitude of a comic from another era, but still far from perfect from a narrative point of view.

Beyond the horizon of its moving and sacred family message, which has reached its final stage, Strange World even reserves a startling ecological metaphor, as remarkable as it is astonishing. However, the basic problem lies in a fairly predictable warp, both in the development of the plot and in the progression of some twists. At the base, while it’s interesting to dissect the protagonists – the members of the Clade family in particular – it’s perhaps the characters that have the least impact, not as charismatic as those envisioned in the very latest Disney iterations (think but to the charismatic Madrigal family described in our review of Encanto).

Perhaps never before felt the absence of a heavy opponent that the role, which has come close to the credits, is filled by supporting actors who do not have a decent impact, and who perhaps would have deserved more in-depth study to play such a role. to play. a credible breakthrough. Apart from these flaws, Strange World – A Mysterious World is a Disney classic that partially only remains “on the surface” as it records a story of precious meaning wrapped in an enjoyable staging. A colorful and spectacular film, which has already been mentioned, takes the Disney-style adventure back on the traces of older classics. More was probably needed to make the mysterious world truly unforgettable. But that’s a good thing too: the Walt Disney Animation Studios board, for better or for worse, is another exciting center.

Strange World Review: The last words

Strange world is the 61st Disney animated classic and, in step with changing times, brings a tender story of family generations to the big screen that manages to speak to the hearts of young and old in a surprisingly democratic and inclusive way. A simple but effective story does the rest, despite the fact that it cannot keep up with the classics of years gone by in genius and memorability.

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