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[Download 100%] – Substitute primary teacher removed after controversial tweets

a Maryland The substitute teacher was fired after her controversial tweet surfaced where she asked fellow “black women raising boys (please) stop letting their sons take on female qualities,” among other controversial social media posts .

The teacher, who is Black and identified on social media as Bianca Robinson, also tweeted on Thursday that “kids need to be bullied”, from her Twitter handle @mostly_hated. Fox 5Stephanie Ramirez reports.

Black Substitute elementary school teacher fired for controversial tweets

“Black women raising boys, please stop letting your sons take on female traits. I have the coolest boys in my class! I know you’ve gotta have some men somewhere. This is getting s*** ridiculous Is!” Read one of the controversial tweets.

He tweeted, ‘Children need to be bullied because bullying doesn’t stop from childhood. How would they prepare to be an adult bully?” Robinson was also criticized when she wrote that she was “sick of schools hiring flamboyant gay men.”

“3rd day of school and I already made another kid cry,” read another of her tweets. “These 5th grade students never had teachers out of the hood I see. I will not be talked about in any way. I would gather a child early and respectfully and still tear them down. ,

He had initially deleted the tweet, but later the screenshots were circulated online. His account was not active till Tuesday.

Robinson was a substitute teacher at District Heights Elementary School, although by angry parents the school’s human resources as well as superintendent Kassandra G. He was removed from his post after it attracted the attention of Lassiter.

Critics criticize the teacher’s tweet, calling her mindset “harmful” and “not necessary”

While many parents were intimidated by the comments, others took to Twitter to defend Prince George’s county teacher.

Parent Gabrielle Hill told Fox 5, “She could say something like that, show them mentoring programs or something like that, but for her to say something like that, it’s just atrocious.”

“Why are you all defending her and she talks like that?” One person wrote on social media.

“The mindset is that which is harmful. He described children with the word ‘b****est’ because they have ‘female’ traits.

It is harmful to unfairly weaponize growing children,” said one critic.

One commenter tweeted, “If I went to social media, I would have sworn that nurses, physicians and teachers were the worst and/or most stupid people on earth.” “It’s not the mindset required. We’re going to make sure she isn’t acting around someone’s kid. Period,” tweeted another.

“You have to stop making excuses for these women, she’s having a hard day, don’t forgive what she said,” said a third.

Others on social media show support for sacked substitute teacher, supporters claim free speech

Others really showed support for him. One supporter wrote, “You all try to get people fired.”

“Where is he and does he have CashApp that we can donate to?” One person commented. “Are we talking about divine feminine traits, right brain traits? Because there is divine feminine power within men,” wrote another.

“Um, @mostly_hated should be praised for mostly telling the truth!” @laire tweeted with the hashtag #BlackTwitter.

“free speech?” a third opinion. “I don’t like what he said, but was trying to take him out for a tweet?”

“We extoll the tenderness of boys and any born male, then wonder why they are such harsh lovers, fathers, friends, etc. All for some imaginary gender binary that serves no one.”

What do you say, Roomies? Should Robinson have been fired? Or does free speech protect them from tweeting controversial content?

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