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[Download 100%] – Such is the situation for Pakistan! Ms. Sister is screaming-

In today’s episode of Pakiyalakshmi serial, Mrs. Akka cries like her own sister seeing Pakiya’s condition. Egil and Ms. Akka are now comforting Pakiya who has left the house.

In yesterday’s episode of Pakiyalakshmi serial airing with exciting twists and turns, Pakia left the house. He firmly said that he would not return to this house again and left. Pakia did not listen to anyone saying Esheel, Chejiyan, Jenny, Iniya. Along with him, Ms. Akka also comes as a companion. Bakhia goes straight to the cooking company. The people there are asking questions after seeing Pakia. But Pakia never said a word to anyone.

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In such a situation, seeing the condition of Ms. Akka Pakia, she sheds tears like her own younger sister. Similarly, Pakia fights because it is wrong to leave her house. He scolds Gopi badly and says that he should have been sent out of the house. Similarly, Eghil also talks to Bakhia as a consolation. He certainly says that from now on, whatever decision the mother takes, I will support her. Pakia’s rest is now Ms. Akka and Egil.

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Similarly, Ms. Akka first saw Gopi with Radhika in this serial. From then on he kept telling Pakiya about Gobi and his antics. But Bakiya refused to believe Gobi. In this situation, as Ms. Akka said, that’s what happened. He also scolds Radhika.

Pakia knows everything, Radhika does not know any story of the breakup of the Gopi-Pakia family. There he is preparing to go to Mumbai with Mayu. And that ends today’s episode.

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