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[Download 100%] – Tamil Nadu Assembly pays last respects to Congress leader Selvaperunthagai

Assembly Congress President Selvaperunthagai personally paid tribute to actor and director Pratap Bothan.

Selva Perundogai said that Pratap Bothan would say that life must be enjoyed in order to live.

Congress party member Selva Perundhokai paid a personal tribute to actor Pratap Bothan. After that he said, Pratap Bothan and I live next to each other. We both talk everyday on the go. I have talked a lot about his paintings of immortal shells and fog. He used to tell me that one has to live to enjoy life.

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He was unwell. Selvaperundokai said in an interview that he was deeply saddened when he heard the news of his passing today. He also expressed condolences to his wife and daughter.

Actor Pratap Bothan, who made his debut in Malayalam cinema and became famous in Tamil cinema, died in his sleep at 8 am today. His body has been kept at his residence in Kilpapak as a tribute to him.

It is a pity that Pratap Bothan’s full potential was not revealed – Kamal Haasan

Celebrities of Tamil cinema are condoling the death of Pratap Bothan. Renowned Indian cinema director Mani Ratnam, lead cinematographers PC Sriram and Raju Menon paid tributes personally. He paid tribute for a long time at Pratap Bothan’s residence. Pratap Bothan not only acted but also directed.

He has directed 12 films in three languages ​​Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Among these, Shivallapperi Paandi, Victory Festival, Lucky Man, My Dear Marthandam are some of the most famous movies.

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