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[Download 100%] – Texas lawyer shoots ex-girlfriend in bar

shocking video shows as a Texas Lawyer tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend Austin The bar he worked on Saturday as several heroic customers rushed to his rescue.

gavin rushThe 41-year-old is already out on bond after allegedly breaking into the Anderson Mill pub at 11:30 a.m. Saturday when he approached his ex who worked behind the bar, according to arrest records. KVUE,

Surveillance video shows Rush placing a small leather bag on the table and allegedly asking to speak to him.

Texas lawyer seen on video pointing gun at ex-girlfriend, shooting multiple times before clients stopped him

After she was told no, he was seen pulling out a handgun, aimed directly at her chest, according to an affidavit and chilling CCTV footage shared by Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly.

Two customers at the bar immediately went into action and tackled Rush as he fired several shots in the midst of a scuffle. The Nice guys caught him just as the police arrived.

It is a matter of honor that there was no casualty during the fight.

The intended victim told investigators that Rush had recently learned that she was in a new relationship. She said he stopped responding to her text messages after he threatened to hurt both her and her new partner.

A heroic customer who helped to disarm Rush told KVUE that he “just felt like vomiting” after watching the CCTV clip of the incident.

“I don’t remember doing it, but I put his hand up and the gun went off,” the man told the outlet on condition of anonymity. “Then we started flying backwards. I turned and hugged him and another shot rang out.

Customer stopped suspect from shooting him in the head, but is now “completely deaf” in left ear

Another customer said that Rush attempted to shoot himself in the head as they pinned him to the ground, but said that he was able to keep his finger off the trigger.

Rush fired three shots in total, with the client now “completely deaf in my left ear.” Both the customers who came forward to help were aware of the past history of the former couple, fox 7 austin Reports.

Meanwhile, Rush was charged with a second-degree felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon family violence.

According to KVUE, Rush was quickly released from jail after posting a $40,000 bond. An emergency protection order was issued against him.

Suspect released on bond, officials call it miscarriage of justice and claim victim fails in court

One of the customers present at the shooting reprimanded the judge for releasing him after “trying to murder” his ex-girlfriend.

“For $4,000, you can hang out, go home, watch Netflix after trying to murder your ex-girlfriend — are you kidding me?” said one of the customers.

Local law enforcement officials have also expressed their dismay at Rush’s early release from custody.

“This particular case looks like where the courts have failed this victim,” Thomas Villarreal, chief of the Austin Police Association, told Fox 7.

Council member Kelly, whose district includes the pub, similarly said that Rush “belongs behind bars.”

“This attorney is behind bars, pending a grand jury hearing of his peers. I am deeply disturbed by this video and committed to a safer city.”

Suspect fired from law firm after shooting incident, accused of choking woman in 2017

Rush has been fired from the law firm where he previously worked, the firm confirms. new york post,

In 2017, he was charged with domestic violence after allegedly strangling a woman unconscious in Williamson County. That case was eventually dismissed after Rush completed anger management classes.

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