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[Download 100%] – Texas police officer shoots 17-year-old

A San Antonio police officer has been fired after shooting a teen who was eating in a parking lot outside McDonald’s,

According to New York Times The situation worsened on Sunday when the officer was identified as James Brennan — Answered an unrelated disturbance call at a fast food restaurant on Sunday, October 2 at around 10:45 pm captain Alyssa Campo Explained in a video statement:

“As the officer attempted to gather information from witnesses, he noticed a vehicle that had escaped him the day before as the officer attempted to stop as the registered license plate did not match the actual vehicle.”

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Believing that the vehicle was stolen, Campos said that Brainand asked “for cover” but that he contacted the car before other officers arrived at the scene. Shocking body camera footage released by the police department showed him walking up to a parked car and suddenly opening the driver’s door. teenager – identified as Eric Cantu He can be seen eating a hamburger on the driver’s seat while a 17-year-old girl is sitting next to him in the passenger seat. In the video, Brainand tells Eric:

“get out of the car.”

However, the teenager panicked and overturned and the driver’s door was still open. Then Brainand fired several times at Eric. Gunshots can be heard in the video as the car backs away and the door slams shut. More shots were fired as the vehicle exited the parking lot, and the officer told others on his radio:

“Fire shots! Shots fired!”

Terrifying. You can take a look at the moment below:

Two teenagers were found a block away. The girl was not injured, but Eric was sent to the hospital in critical condition with multiple bullet wounds. his lawyer Brian Powers Told New York Times,

“He is still in critical condition and fighting for his life literally every minute of the day. His body has suffered tremendous trauma.”

meanwhile, San Antonio Police Department Said Brainend, a probationary officer who had been on the force for only seven months, had been let go for violating the department’s strategy, training and procedures. chief William McManus Told:

“The actions of the former officer are unforgivable and not in line with our training, strategy and procedures. So I terminated him. I will withhold further comment as the incident is still under investigation.”

After the shooting, police claimed that Cantu was charged with escaping detention with a vehicle and assaulting a peace officer. Although, Joe GonzalesThe Bexar County district attorney said at a news conference Friday that he had dismissed the case. The police also did not say whether the car was actually stolen or not. While Gonzales praised the department for sacking Brainand, he said the former cop could face criminal charges after investigators finish their review of the incident:

“We have other decisions that we have to bring down the road, which could include accusing him of a crime.”

We are keeping Eric in our thoughts as he is fighting for his life right now.

[Image via San Antonio Police Department]

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