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[Download 100%] – The Legend Movie Review This template movie starring Saravanan

The film Legend starring businessman Saravanan hits the screens this week. Let’s see what this movie looks like.

Saravanan, a great scientist who has made various achievements in the world, returns from America to do well in his hometown in the style of Sivaji film Rajinikanth. The events that happened in his life after that are like legend.

Saravana is a businessman who popularized her store by dancing with the heroines in the advertisements for Saravana Stores. Those commercials were directed by JD-Jerry. Together, the three have made the film Legend.

Saravanan, who has returned to his hometown from America, wants to use his skills for the benefit of the people. Looking for that thing. Then he learns that his school friend’s entire family is suffering from diabetes. Insulin is not a cure for diabetes. He decides to cure the disease with a single medicine. How does that hair turn his life upside down? He has tried to film the kind of betrayal he faces in the backdrop of the medical mafia.

Love, Comedy, Songs, 30 minute moves before the fight. After that they move to the main story of the film.
The medical mafia could have been more in-depth about the events behind it and the people behind it. But those scenes are superficial and do not add strength to the film. As the script also plays from multiple angles, it creates an environment where we cannot be one with the film. Sometimes it makes you think where the film is going.

As Saravanan is making his debut as the protagonist in Legend, the film’s actors and technicians have been cast as celebrities. Prabhu, late actors Vivek, Vijaykumar, Suman, Yogi Babu and Robo Shankar have acted in that genre. As actor Vivek passed away, his voice recorded during the shoot was used for the film.

Apart from actors, Velraj and Harish Jayaraj have been used for cinematography. His contribution has helped the film immensely.

Saravanan, who made his hero debut in Legend, has mastered stunts and dance. The film also has action scenes, especially with the lead actors. He has done it well. But he could have focused more on dialogue scenes and sentimental scenes.

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Even though he was subjected to many criticisms, Saravanan acted with confidence in spite of them. He also talks about confidence in many places.
Though there are many actors in the film, there are few scenes for them. Similarly Vijay is not a comedy despite the presence of TV personalities like Vivek, Yogi Babu, Amudavanan and Yogi.

Even though this is his first film, Saravanan has spent a lot to standardize the lead actors. This is evident in the footage taken by JD-Jerry. But they could have been more focused and interesting in the story.

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